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Xena: Warrior Princess


Xena is one of the most awesome shows ever created for TV. Lucy Lawless portrays Xena perfectly and with an incredible amount of dedication, not to mention the performance of her second half Renee O’Connor who plays Gabrielle. The six seasons form a spiritual journey where Xena tries to make amends for her vicious past. Over the recent years I’ve become a total Xena fan and I’ll try to give the show the attention it deserves in this article.

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Lots of ideas, but no time to write!

I’m currently extremely busy. I’m moving to this wonderful new apartment with Daan & Piko. I’ve found a great job that I’m applying for and I’m also writing my dissertation & graduating. I’m really enjoying my busy life!

My master course, Digital Games: Theory and Design, is organising a post graduate conference. It’s a really interesting line-up: Peter Molyneux, Barry Atkins, Richard Bartle and not to mention my own teachers: Tanya Krzywinska, Douglas Brown & Justin Parsler. I can’t make it unfortunately, but I hope it’ll be a huge success! Check out their site HERE.

Everyday I have an urge to write a post about something I’ve seen or did, but I simply can’t find the time to do it. So after this busy period is over, I’ll write about all the things that I haven’t gotten around to doing: World of Warcraft, The Perfect Vagina, Xena, As The World Turns, Yoga, Disney Classics.

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