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Slumdog Millionaire and what’s wrong with it!

After living in London for a year I became a fan of Bollywood. Last November I went on holiday to the south of India, because I was simply fascinated by Indian culture. I loved it there. I was fascinated, amazed, sometimes shocked, but most of all I enjoyed my time there. When Slumdog came out and was critically praised I was already wary of going to see it. But last week I finally got around to it and although it was entertaining, there are so many things wrong with it!

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Review World of Warcraft

Verdict: 8

World of Warcraft is one of the most fun, most horrible, most frustrating, most boring, most addictive and most interesting games I’ve played so far. It is very beautiful, as I’ve always said: it’s shiny! And I really love shiny environments. The gameworld is very large, constantly developing and varied. Yet the game becomes boring, repetitive and even frustrating at some points and it’s the social environment that keeps you into it. And it is a definite recommendation for first time gamers!

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Review Kundalini Yoga

Verdict: 10

Kundalini Yoga is one of the best things that happened to me! That’s why it gets 10 out of 10. It has changed my life and it reprogrammed my body and mind into this state of happiness and acceptance. I’m not a (total) hippy, I’m not very alternative, I’m interested in spirituality yet not always so keen about talking bout feelings and I’m certainly not very limber or athletic (I love my curves, not gonna change a thing bout those). But Kundalini Yoga is totally awesome and everyone can do it!

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