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Fluffy Animals vs. Juicy Meat

Today I watched an Oprah show about meat. Being an animal lover, a vegetarian and someone who speaks her mind about things, I love to give my view on this subject. For me personally it’s crystal clear: don’t eat meat. I hate the idea of treating animals like products, I think people don’t need to eat meat anymore, I’m disgusted by the taste of meat and during the last election I voted for the Animal Party. Like Kent Brockman, I’ll give my two cents on the subject in this entry.

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Review Dr. Oz’s Green Drink

Verdict: 7,5

As a faithful watcher of Oprah, I always get motivated after a show. You know how it goes. She does a show about healthier living and what do I want to do? I want to start doing lots of walks, exercising and eating right. But it never really sticks, does it? Still, Oprah’s a source of inspiration for me and she really has opened my eyes to a lot of things in life.

Dr. Oz has been a regular guest on the show by now and though I don’t really like the guy (he’s a bit clinical), I really love his advice and explanations. So, being inspired by the show I eventually bought all the ingredients and made Dr. Oz’s Green Drink!
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