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WoW Life: the first few weeks

A lot has happened this week in my WoW life: I’ve transferred my level 69 feral druid to Eonar, I’ve started a Death Knight, I’ve changed many professions on my different characters and – the most important thing – I’ve joined a guild!

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Snuggems and Numnums

Since a while I’ve been playing World of Warcraft again casually. I haven’t picked up any of my previously loved characters, because I wanted to start with a clean slate. This means beginning from scratch and going through all the horrors of levelling again! My current characters are Snuggems, level 25 male Tauren hunter 9/7/0 (going for Marksmanship in the future, with a few points in Beast Mastery), skinner and leatherworker and Numnums, level 10 female mage 0/1/0 (going for all-fire), enchanter and tailorer. I want to start another shadowpriest and maybe even a warlock, but for now I’ll enjoy playing Snuggems and Numnums. If you want to join me in-game, go to the Eonar European server (horde). I’ll write something about my experiences playing WoW for a second time soon!