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Jager Yoga by CSS


These days I can’t get Jager Yoga by CSS out of my head! I knew CSS from Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death from Above and I thought that was very funky and cool. Now I’m a bit tired of it, tbh, but that’s just because I’ve played it too much. Every now and then I change the songs I listen to, that way I keep discovering new music and never get really sick of a song. I also discover which songs I really love, since I keep them in my playlist, like most of my fav punk bands, for example, The Offspring can never do anything wrong in my eyes!


Anyway, Jager Yoga is cool. It has a great drum solo at the start, which gets you going and it bursts with energy. Then the bass kicks in, which is just excellent, after which the guitar follows and it builds up from that. When Lovefoxxx starts the vocals the song changes pace, which is wonderful and her unique sound keeps you interested. I have no clue what they’re singing! I can never sing along with any of CSS’s songs, since I simply can’t imitate the vocals. They apparently put in a lot of Portuguese stuff as well, since they’re from Brazil, but I don’t speak Portuguese! I don’t care though. Lovefoxx sometimes sounds like a provocative zombie. Provocative since she seems to be mocking whoever listens to the songs and zombie-like since she’s very monotone. I love it! I wished they’d make this into a Guitar Hero song!

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Fools Gold by Mouthwash

This is an oldy for me, but I still love the song. Mouthwash is an illusive band from London with a ska-punk sound. A friend of Daan’s former band (Repozal) had downloaded some of their songs and played it for us. I immediately fell in love with Fools Gold. After a while I went searching for more info on Mouthwash, but only found the above featured video on youtube. The quality is bad to say the least, but it gave me proof of their existence. After a few months I got hold of their album, 1000 dreams, through ebay. and I still listen to it regularly. Below you can get an idea of the intro of Fools Gold, not performed by any of the band members, but by a fan:

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I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry

OK, maybe she’s totally fake and only doing it for the money, I still love this song! Can’t help it, it just triggers something in me and it fascinates me. But that’s not why I made it song of the week. I love the fact that there’s someone singing about this casual bisexuality, even if it’s not intended that way.

I believe that people fall in love with a person, not with a gender and I hope that in the future people will be more tolerant of gay or bisexual people and songs like this, however shallow, contribute to that tolerance. And it’s not like T.A.T.U’s All The Things She Said where there are two girls kissing and it’s all about the teenage-lesbian-girl-thing, but this song is about accidental bisexuality, sexual experiments and therefore sexual freedom. I see that as empowering, positive and a wonderful step towards tolerance of people’s sexual nature. So go Katy!

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Hey There Delilah by the Plain White T’s

I absolutely adore this Grammy nominated song by the Plane White T’s and can’t get anough of it. I’m a punkgirl, who loves all music from opera to metal, but these days I’m also listening to a lot of pop. I never listen to the radio and always have winamp playing when my pc is on.

I fell in love with this song during Christmas 2008 when Daan & I listened to it many times together. It directly related to our situation. We were separated by an ocean for 6 months. That’s why this song has special meaning to me.

I love the guitar in the song and the vocals by Tom Higgenson are extremely sensitive and very delicate, in short, it’s a wonderful song. Enjoy it and cuddle up with your loved one!

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