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I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry

OK, maybe she’s totally fake and only doing it for the money, I still love this song! Can’t help it, it just triggers something in me and it fascinates me. But that’s not why I made it song of the week. I love the fact that there’s someone singing about this casual bisexuality, even if it’s not intended that way.

I believe that people fall in love with a person, not with a gender and I hope that in the future people will be more tolerant of gay or bisexual people and songs like this, however shallow, contribute to that tolerance. And it’s not like T.A.T.U’s All The Things She Said where there are two girls kissing and it’s all about the teenage-lesbian-girl-thing, but this song is about accidental bisexuality, sexual experiments and therefore sexual freedom. I see that as empowering, positive and a wonderful step towards tolerance of people’s sexual nature. So go Katy!

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