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Lots of ideas, but no time to write!

I’m currently extremely busy. I’m moving to this wonderful new apartment with Daan & Piko. I’ve found a great job that I’m applying for and I’m also writing my dissertation & graduating. I’m really enjoying my busy life!

My master course, Digital Games: Theory and Design, is organising a post graduate conference. It’s a really interesting line-up: Peter Molyneux, Barry Atkins, Richard Bartle and not to mention my own teachers: Tanya Krzywinska, Douglas Brown & Justin Parsler. I can’t make it unfortunately, but I hope it’ll be a huge success! Check out their site HERE.

Everyday I have an urge to write a post about something I’ve seen or did, but I simply can’t find the time to do it. So after this busy period is over, I’ll write about all the things that I haven’t gotten around to doing: World of Warcraft, The Perfect Vagina, Xena, As The World Turns, Yoga, Disney Classics.

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Conservative Violence: How to Chance an Industry

Conservative Violence


Over the recent years games have stopped evolving, because they have been repeating the same themes and the same mechanics over and over again. Apart from my fatal addiction to World of Warcraft there is no game that can fascinate me or offer me anything I haven’t seen before. How can a medium that has so much potential be stuck in a rut?

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The Power of Belief


The traditional suspension of disbelief does not cover all the different aspects of a game. In addition, the abstract notion of the suspension of disbelief needs to be taken into consideration, since games are not merely about contexts and narratives. The importance of this is very clear: fictional worlds and believable systems are what sell games these days. And the commercial industry is simply not putting enough thought into this theory. “We talk a lot about immersion and suspension of disbelief in the game industry, but we seldom actually try to define it or to understand how it works” (Adams, 2004). I have made an attempt to clarify some elements that might inspire a better understanding of the suspension of disbelief.

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Girl or Gamer?

The past week I’ve had long discussions about gender and a lot of things really confuse me about this topic.

Gender WarFirst of all the whole gender issue assumes a theory of opposites. Males are on one side and females on the other. Males are the norm, female the abnormal. Being raised the way I was, my mother was the ‘man’ and ‘woman’ at home since my parents have been divorced since I was five and always having been very close to my brother, I find these theories or rather models of society extremely confusing and plain wrong.

I don’t think it’s that black and white. I think women can be masculine and men can be feminine and I also am a strong believer that with my generation the roles are a bit different and a bit more balanced than with previous generations.

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Games and Violence

This week I have been reading up on games and violence, the effects debate. It’s a very interesting subject, to be honest. And it raised a lot of questions.

HitmanFirst of all, I don’t believe violent entertainment (or violent games) have any direct impact on violent behaviour. So that debate is something that is over for me personally. Yet I do think that violence in games in particular fulfils a certain need that the player has. It has a purpose, it has effects on the player. And I wonder what they are.

One of the articles I read said that these effects are the competition, challenges and achievements you get from violence. I do believe this, for instance, when I play WoW it’s not about violently slaughtering some mob, but about levelling up, gaining xp and accomplishing something with my party/guild. I’m not a very competitive person, so competition doesn’t play a big role for me. I always like playing the game more than winning!

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