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How would I redesign World of Warcraft?

The Wrath of the Lich King is out and my WoW-spider-sense is tingling. Should I pick up the game again or not? Why did I quit in the first place? And when I started to remember all the reasons, I thought: they should totally redesign the entire game! And I’ve got a few tips on how to make WoW more interesting.

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Conservative Violence: How to Chance an Industry

Conservative Violence


Over the recent years games have stopped evolving, because they have been repeating the same themes and the same mechanics over and over again. Apart from my fatal addiction to World of Warcraft there is no game that can fascinate me or offer me anything I haven’t seen before. How can a medium that has so much potential be stuck in a rut?

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The Power of Belief


The traditional suspension of disbelief does not cover all the different aspects of a game. In addition, the abstract notion of the suspension of disbelief needs to be taken into consideration, since games are not merely about contexts and narratives. The importance of this is very clear: fictional worlds and believable systems are what sell games these days. And the commercial industry is simply not putting enough thought into this theory. “We talk a lot about immersion and suspension of disbelief in the game industry, but we seldom actually try to define it or to understand how it works” (Adams, 2004). I have made an attempt to clarify some elements that might inspire a better understanding of the suspension of disbelief.

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