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WoW Life: Guilds & Me

I returned to WoW saying I wouldn’t get involved as much as I used too, but I really liked my guild and the people in it. After a while I got promoted to veteran and this weekend I even organised a 25 Naxx raid, raidleading it and everything. What happened to my initial promise to myself? And how come WoW always knows to pull me back in?

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WoW life: guilds

Your guild is one of the most interesting aspects of you World of Warcraft life. It defines on which level you play, how much fun you’ll have, how far you’ll get in the game and who you hang out with. It also offers you the opportunity to create an entire social life in the game. I’ll take a closer look at my own guild experiences over the past couple of weeks and I’ll also analyse my current guild structure. I’ve even added some tips on how to find the guild for you!

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WoW Life: Moonkin Druid

Although Feral (dps) is supposed to be the best spec for leveling druids, I’ve recently respecced my druid to Balance and leveling has never been this easy! I can hit myself in the head for not doing this sooner. Balance offers you the possibility to let your druid function as a caster with high dps, so it does major damage, yet it’s also a ranged class with weaker armor than Feral.

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WoW Life: the first few weeks

A lot has happened this week in my WoW life: I’ve transferred my level 69 feral druid to Eonar, I’ve started a Death Knight, I’ve changed many professions on my different characters and – the most important thing – I’ve joined a guild!

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Snuggems and Numnums

Since a while I’ve been playing World of Warcraft again casually. I haven’t picked up any of my previously loved characters, because I wanted to start with a clean slate. This means beginning from scratch and going through all the horrors of levelling again! My current characters are Snuggems, level 25 male Tauren hunter 9/7/0 (going for Marksmanship in the future, with a few points in Beast Mastery), skinner and leatherworker and Numnums, level 10 female mage 0/1/0 (going for all-fire), enchanter and tailorer. I want to start another shadowpriest and maybe even a warlock, but for now I’ll enjoy playing Snuggems and Numnums. If you want to join me in-game, go to the Eonar European server (horde). I’ll write something about my experiences playing WoW for a second time soon!