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Games and Violence

This week I have been reading up on games and violence, the effects debate. It’s a very interesting subject, to be honest. And it raised a lot of questions.

HitmanFirst of all, I don’t believe violent entertainment (or violent games) have any direct impact on violent behaviour. So that debate is something that is over for me personally. Yet I do think that violence in games in particular fulfils a certain need that the player has. It has a purpose, it has effects on the player. And I wonder what they are.

One of the articles I read said that these effects are the competition, challenges and achievements you get from violence. I do believe this, for instance, when I play WoW it’s not about violently slaughtering some mob, but about levelling up, gaining xp and accomplishing something with my party/guild. I’m not a very competitive person, so competition doesn’t play a big role for me. I always like playing the game more than winning!

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