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Generational Reflections

Lately I’ve been noticing I’m getting older. Just yesterday Daan asked me: how long ago do you think 1997 was? It felt like it has been three years, while in fact it’s been twelve! My generation is growing up and it’s time for some generational reflections. We’ve been labelled generation Y, a generation that has been analysed and defined. Yet the latest research by the UN about child well-being might throw these definitions out of balance.

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Meet the Parents

Family DinnerThis is a small fragment of a story I’ve written a couple of years ago. It’s about a woman named Winnie. She’s at a point in her life where she’s fed up with it all and she’s basically bored. But she’s got three little kids and a husband that loves her very much, so she can’t just get up and leave. This little scene describes a family meal they have at her husband’s parents. It’s written from the perspective of Winnie and unfortunately it’s in Dutch! Enjoy.

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