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WoW Life: a Quick Guide to Resto Druids

Restoration druids are all about the hots! I will highlight some things that I found really important when it comes to resto druids and healing in raids.

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WoW Life: Moonkin Druid

Although Feral (dps) is supposed to be the best spec for leveling druids, I’ve recently respecced my druid to Balance and leveling has never been this easy! I can hit myself in the head for not doing this sooner. Balance offers you the possibility to let your druid function as a caster with high dps, so it does major damage, yet it’s also a ranged class with weaker armor than Feral.

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WoW Life: the first few weeks

A lot has happened this week in my WoW life: I’ve transferred my level 69 feral druid to Eonar, I’ve started a Death Knight, I’ve changed many professions on my different characters and – the most important thing – I’ve joined a guild!

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