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Love and Happiness

I was in a good mood and wanted a desktop image that fitted my mood. This little digital painting put a smile on my face and is really a lovely combination of cuteness, prettyness and excellent colours!

This work is called ‘Love and Happiness’ by Paulette Arochena.

Alive – The Totoro Forest Project

The Totoro Forst Project Auction Benefit Event took place on September 6 and I’m very happy it was a great success, tickets were sold out in 48 hours! After my previous post I’ve been closely following this initiative on their blog and I’d like to put some of the works of art from this cool initiative in the spotlight starting with Alive by Enrique Fernández.

In this work Fernández tries to capture the aliveness of the forest, thereby touching upon the topic of the difficult relationship between us humans and nature: do we really care about nature? Of course we do! Well, I do at least, but I know many people who don’t care at all and that’s very sad. That’s why these initiatives are so wonderful, especially coming from a company like studio Ghibli that has a worldwide platform. Fernández further more wants to put a smile on the face of the viewer and he certainly succeeds. He has really drawn inspiration from Miyazaki’s My Neighbour Totoro and the creatures are absolutely adorable!

Fairy Tales

Since forever I’ve been fascinated by fairy tales and given that I want to start on some small creative writing project, I have thought of this interesting idea. I want to start analysing all the fairy tales that I love, to break them down to their essential events and then put them together again but from different perspectives (for example: Aladdin from the perspective of the genie instead of that of Aladdin himself). I will also give my own twist to the fairy tales, but it’s more meant as a fun writing exercise. Once I’ve started this project, I’ll put some of them up on the site for you to read (I don’t know which language they’ll be in yet though).

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Totoro Forest Project

Like always, I was just casually browsing the net (avoiding work on my dissertation) and I came upon this initiative by Hayao Miyazaki. Totoro Forest Project is a collaboration of artists to save the Sayama Forest (the forest that inspired Totoro). I love these initiatives that bundle creativity for a noble cause!

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Review: H.O.K. by nJoo

H.O.K. by *nJoo

Verdict: 8

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Meet the Parents

Family DinnerThis is a small fragment of a story I’ve written a couple of years ago. It’s about a woman named Winnie. She’s at a point in her life where she’s fed up with it all and she’s basically bored. But she’s got three little kids and a husband that loves her very much, so she can’t just get up and leave. This little scene describes a family meal they have at her husband’s parents. It’s written from the perspective of Winnie and unfortunately it’s in Dutch! Enjoy.

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The Power of Belief


The traditional suspension of disbelief does not cover all the different aspects of a game. In addition, the abstract notion of the suspension of disbelief needs to be taken into consideration, since games are not merely about contexts and narratives. The importance of this is very clear: fictional worlds and believable systems are what sell games these days. And the commercial industry is simply not putting enough thought into this theory. “We talk a lot about immersion and suspension of disbelief in the game industry, but we seldom actually try to define it or to understand how it works” (Adams, 2004). I have made an attempt to clarify some elements that might inspire a better understanding of the suspension of disbelief.

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