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Complaining can be nice, since you can get stuff of your chest and you’ve got something to talk about with others. But does it really make you happy? Or does it just remind you of things that are wrong in your life?

I find it difficult to sto complaining, wining and generally ponder about stuff that’s wrong or that I want to fix. But focussing on the good things makes life more fun, it makes me happier. So why complain?

So I stop, for a couple of days. Maybe even for weeks! But then it sneaks back in again, first in my thoughts, then sharing those thoughts with loved ones, family & friends. Stopping for good will take real discipline, reprogramming my brain.

Wouldn’t stopping to complain or thinking about things that are wrong make me less critical as well? Maybe that would make me happier, but do I really want it if I have to change myself for it.

Complaining is tricky! Stopping it is even difficult, but focussing on happy thoughts that’s getting easier every day.

Meditation and Yoga in your daily routine

I’ve been going to a very rough period lately and it just happens to be in the middle of the break of my Kundalini Yoga class. Usually I get a lot of relaxation and stress relief from the lessons, but now I have to figure out a way to do this on my own. So I want to incorporate meditation and yoga into my daily routine.

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Generational Reflections

Lately I’ve been noticing I’m getting older. Just yesterday Daan asked me: how long ago do you think 1997 was? It felt like it has been three years, while in fact it’s been twelve! My generation is growing up and it’s time for some generational reflections. We’ve been labelled generation Y, a generation that has been analysed and defined. Yet the latest research by the UN about child well-being might throw these definitions out of balance.

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Fluffy Animals vs. Juicy Meat

Today I watched an Oprah show about meat. Being an animal lover, a vegetarian and someone who speaks her mind about things, I love to give my view on this subject. For me personally it’s crystal clear: don’t eat meat. I hate the idea of treating animals like products, I think people don’t need to eat meat anymore, I’m disgusted by the taste of meat and during the last election I voted for the Animal Party. Like Kent Brockman, I’ll give my two cents on the subject in this entry.

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Human beings come first: een mentaliteitsverandering rondom speciesisme

Mensen komen eerst, dat is hoe wij denken. Dat wij dit denken, heeft ernstige gevolgen voor onze behandeling van dieren. Het kan zo niet langer en we zijn nodig toe aan een mentaliteitsverandering. Voordat ik echter mijn mening kan geven over speciesisme en je ervan kan proberen te overtuigen dat het zo niet langer kan, moet ik eerst uitleggen wat het inhoudt.

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Love and Media

My friend Owen send me this article which totally confirmed what I’ve been feeling and thinking for years: media consumptions messes up your love life. The article basically states that viewing romantic movies makes you have unrealistic expectations about your own romantic relationships. The sad thing is that it’s true. I’ve had this happen to me multiple times, but always remained fairly ‘grounded’ because of my extremely grounded better half.

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Hatha Yoga vs. Kundalini Yoga

Recently, I’ve started Hatha yoga and it’s been great! I’m still doing Kundalini too, but I’ve found that if I want peace of mind, I have to go to a lesson by my wonderful teacher Edith Schrijver to get my head cleared. I’ll explain what’s the difference between the two kinds of yoga in this post.

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