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Lost meets Battle Royale. A Must See!

Studio Ghibli’s Ponyo and Disney’s Little Mermaid

The first few seconds of Studio Ghibli’s Ponyo on The Cliff By The Sea immediately took me back to my all time favourite Disney Classic: The Little Mermaid. Do these two really have that many similarities or is it just my imagination?

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Slumdog Millionaire and what’s wrong with it!

After living in London for a year I became a fan of Bollywood. Last November I went on holiday to the south of India, because I was simply fascinated by Indian culture. I loved it there. I was fascinated, amazed, sometimes shocked, but most of all I enjoyed my time there. When Slumdog came out and was critically praised I was already wary of going to see it. But last week I finally got around to it and although it was entertaining, there are so many things wrong with it!

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Can Money Buy You Love? The Millionaire’s Club Says It Can!

An exclusive matchmaking service for successful men or a tool for gold diggers to find their victims or even an expensive escort service? I’m not sure what to make of the Millionaire’s Club, even after watching several episodes of its show The Millionaire Matchmaker.

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Britney: For The Record? Right…

I just finished watching Britney: For The Record and I was left sad. I hoped this documentary would take away some of my concerns about this pop idol, but it created new ones. Britney was being controlled by others, but now it seems like she has lost passion and fire and she’s still not in control.

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As The World Turns

I’ve been watching As The World Turns for over 15 years. Yes, I started very early on in my life and I taught myself English through this soap opera. I’ve not watched it continuously, but I keep going back to it. It’s a lot better than most Dutch soaps, like Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden, and agreed it’s not exactly high art, but when it comes to soap opera As The World Turns rocks.

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