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IGF 2009

An overview of all my posts about the IGF 2009.
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Snuggems and Numnums

Since a while I’ve been playing World of Warcraft again casually. I haven’t picked up any of my previously loved characters, because I wanted to start with a clean slate. This means beginning from scratch and going through all the horrors of levelling again! My current characters are Snuggems, level 25 male Tauren hunter 9/7/0 (going for Marksmanship in the future, with a few points in Beast Mastery), skinner and leatherworker and Numnums, level 10 female mage 0/1/0 (going for all-fire), enchanter and tailorer. I want to start another shadowpriest and maybe even a warlock, but for now I’ll enjoy playing Snuggems and Numnums. If you want to join me in-game, go to the Eonar European server (horde). I’ll write something about my experiences playing WoW for a second time soon!

IGF 2009: Finalists for Excellence in Visual Art

The finalists for this years visual art award are a surprisingly balanced mix of different visual styles and unique designs. After covering the finalists for innovation intensively, I thought this award would have its disappointments and although at first I was disappointed by the lack of different genres and innovation, I was truly amazed by their visual art.

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IGF 2009: finalists for the innovation award

My recent posts on the IGF finalists for the innovation award have been a really fun experience. I really appreciate the reactions of the designers and readers. Next to being inspired by the games, I also noticed that these designers have loads of other interesting games that I’m fascinated about. And I can’t wait to take a closer look at the other finalists. I do have some critical remarks to say about the innovation category in general.

Although the games all had innovative elements, I wouldn’t call all of them innovative. Innovation within games means – for me personally – to totally redefine the medium and to break with gaming traditions. I was clear about You Have To Burn The Rope, I still think it’s weird that it’s a finalist in this category, I enjoyed playing it, yet I don’t see anything innovative about it. I had loads of fun playing Mightier, yet – apart from a few elements – it was just a mix if different genres, but in essence it’s just a puzzle/action/platform game. The same goes for Between.

When it comes down to innovation Coil and The Graveyard rule. Both have a very emotional impact on the player and they redefine the medium, each in it’s own way. Both have a lot of similarities when it comes to passivity and simplicity. Yet both offer a very different gameplay experience.

Next I’ll be taking a closer look at the finalists for visual art! For an overview of my articles on the IGF 2009 go here.


This game pleasantly surprised me. I thought it was a really cool combination of player creativity and puzzle solving. The puzzle solving didn’t get too hard, yet the different challenges kept me interested. All in all, Mightier entertained me for quite some time.

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At my first attempt at this game, I couldn’t get past the second level. Now I’m a pro and I’ve become a big fan of coil. I like the fact that it takes you through an emotional rollercoaster and combines fun, playful mini-games with sometimes grim peaces of text. It’s definitely an interesting contester for the innovation award at the IGF 2009.

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Once I got over the fact that I needed another player for this game and after I forced Daan to play it with me, I actually started to enjoy it! It’s a really cool mix of puzzle and collaboration. It gave me a Tetris-vibe at first, but then I realised it was much more complex.

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