Complaining can be nice, since you can get stuff of your chest and you’ve got something to talk about with others. But does it really make you happy? Or does it just remind you of things that are wrong in your life?

I find it difficult to sto complaining, wining and generally ponder about stuff that’s wrong or that I want to fix. But focussing on the good things makes life more fun, it makes me happier. So why complain?

So I stop, for a couple of days. Maybe even for weeks! But then it sneaks back in again, first in my thoughts, then sharing those thoughts with loved ones, family & friends. Stopping for good will take real discipline, reprogramming my brain.

Wouldn’t stopping to complain or thinking about things that are wrong make me less critical as well? Maybe that would make me happier, but do I really want it if I have to change myself for it.

Complaining is tricky! Stopping it is even difficult, but focussing on happy thoughts that’s getting easier every day.

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  1. A friend of mine has his ‘hating hour’. Instead of making gratitude lists, he kinda dwells on his complaints about life for a bit, untill it’s out of his system. Bit over the top maybe ;) but the idea is cute. Complaining, or just feeling crappy about the crappy stuff in life, needs a place. Be it a confined one.

    Just added ur blog to my now finally functional rss feed :) Should finally get me to keep up to date!

  2. \(^_^)/ A subscriber!

    I think my hating hour is confined to my journal, but I don’t use it that often. It’s good to get negative thoughts out of your system in some way, I agree, but this is different from complaining & nagging which isn’t necessary, yet I do it so often.

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