25 Naxxramas: Plague Quarter

This is a guide for raid leaders with tactics for 25 Naxx based on my own raidleading experiences with Hording Friends.

This post includes the Plague Quarter: Noth the Plaguebringer, Heigan the Unclean, Loatheb. Wowwiki links and tankspot videos included!

Noth the Plaguebringer
This encounter is the same as in 10-men.
The only difference is positioning. The entire raid group, except for some dps that will help on the adds, will be positioned in the upper left corner (if you view the room from the door where you enter).

Noth does a curse that needs to be de-cursed asap (within 10 seconds) else it does major aoe damage.
Noth blinks every now and then, resetting aggro.
Noth cripples the people around him just before he blinks away, slowing the crippled down. Cripple can be dispelled on the MT, to give the MT a good start on aggro.
Every 30 seconds he portals away for 70 seconds, so dps can nuke down the adds.
The adds that need to be looked out for are Plagued Champions and Plagued Guardians, both do major aoe damage, keep at max range at all times if possible.

Main Tank
Tank Noth near the raid group in the upper left corner, help with tanking the champions during the second phase.

Off Tanks
Pick up the adds and keep them away from raid group. Tanking the boss is the easy job in this fight, while picking up the adds is hard. The adds also do massive damage, since there numbers go up after every portal. Put your best tanks on the adds.

In the first phase they will nuke Nothand help to decurse if possible.
During the second phase they nuke down the adds, using aoe if possible. Always make sure all adds are down before returning to nuke the Noth.

Keep on your assignments, help out with aoe healing if that is needed during the second phase.

Noth the Plaguebringer on wowwiki.

Heigan the Unclean
This encounter is the same as 10-men Naxx.

This fight has two phases. On the first phase all ranged dps and healers will be on the platform, while the melee dps and the tanks will kite Heigan across the room, avoiding the shooting poison from the floor. Heigan will be tanked by the MT.

During phase two Heigan will portal himself onto the platform, all ranged need to get off it asap and everyone needs to do the dance.

After this it’s rinse & repeat.

Show the raid group where the safe spots are and how you need to dance.

Additional Tips!
Don’t get too close to the boss while on the platform, since he slows down casting by 300%. Also don’t get back on the platform immediately, wait for the cloud to be gone.

He also casts a disease on a random player, it is very important that this is dispelled.

Heigan has no enrage timer, you can complete this fight with 1 healer and 1 tank.

Heigan the Unclean on wowwiki.

Same as 10-men.
Only difference: there can be two or more spore groups.

The main tricky part of Loatheb is that he does a necrotic aura that blocks all healing (this includes health pots). Healers only have a 3 second window to heal, so use it wisely!

RL needs to create one or two groups with the highest dps, they should go for the spore and kill it to gain the buff to maximise their dps. Only 5 players will get the debuff from 1 dead spore.
Buff: 50%+ crit chance.

Main Tank
Tank the Loatheb where he stands.

Off Tanks
DPS the boss where he stands, don’t overaggro the MT, but be ready to take over from MT if MT dies.

Nuke the boss at all times, only the spore groups kill the spores.

Two healers need to focus on the MT, while the rest raid heal and keep a special eye out for the healers.

Additional Tips!
Priest can use the Power of word: Shield on the MT, it is not affected by the aura.

Loatheb on wowwiki.

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