25 Naxxramas: Military Quarter

This is a guide for raid leaders with tactics for 25 Naxx based on my own raidleading experiences with Hording Friends.

This post includes the Military Quarter: Instructor Razuvious, Gothik the Harvester and the Four Horsemen. Wowwiki links and tankspot videos included!

Instructor Razuvious
This encounter is different from the 10-men version!
You will need 2 – 4 priests for this tactic to work. If you want to try it without priests, there is an alternative strategy available which involves kiting the instructor in a triangle shape between 3 tanks.

For the initial pull the MT needs to aggro the understudies by walking to the base of the stairs. The boss will stay back and look at this for a while, idlying. MT needs to NOT do anything for 3 seconds to not gain aggro on boss. At this point the priests will MC their designated understudy.

The priests each need to MC one of the understudies and tank the boss with it.
After mindercontrolling the understudy, the action bar of the priest will change. The priests need to alternate between tanking the boss. Firstly using Bone Barrier, then Taunt. If not done this way, the boss will do major damage on the understudies. The priests will need to switch between understudies every 10 seconds or so.
Also remember that MC is a cast and will run out every few second, depending on the hit rating of the player. Make sure the priests are aware of this and will refresh their MC in time.

Both MT and OT’s need to take care of the understudies that aren’t MC’d and tank them. Be ready to pick up the Instructor or the understudies if MC breaks or if the priests lose aggro.

Nuke the boss as soon as the understudy has aggro.

Assign one healer to each understudy that is going to be tanking. If there are any understudies left that the tanks will be tanking, these need to have a designated healer as well. There will need to be one raid healer who heals the raid member that gets single targeted by the Jagged Knife ability (DoT).

Instructor Razuvious on wowwiki.

Gothik the Harvester
This encounter is the same as the 10-men encounter.
The only minor difference is that it would be nice to have 2 tanks on both sides, instead of just 1 on the living.

Firstly the raid group needs to be split into two groups. One will take the living side, one the undead, the gate between the two sides will close when the encounter starts. The group on the undead side should have slightly more dps and the group on the living side should have slightly more CC for humanoird (hunters and mages work very well).

There are two phases to this fight.
During the first phase mobs will spawn on the living side and need to be killed, then they respawn on the undead side and need to be killed there.
These mobs will be Trainees, Death Knights & Riders. Tanks need to focus on the DK’s & Riders. Remember that Riders spawn as both a horse and a rider on the undead side.
This means that on the living side they will have to wait until the undead side has downed the rider before killing another one.
Also, the undead side should try to shout out on TS/Vent or give a raid warning if it gets too crowded and the living side will then have to stop dps-ing.

Living side, mobs will spawn from the platforms, try to stay at range and protect the healers with any CC.

Undead side, hug up in the upper left corner (viewed from where they have entered the room). Let the tank grab aggro. Mobs will spawn randomly from the piles of bones.

Phase 2
Gothik will come down after a certain amount of time. He will switch between the living and the undead side, yet when he’s at 30% the gate will open and everyone can go in.

He will do a debuff that stacks and diminishes stats by 10% each stack. This means that at 10 stacks, stats are reduced by 100%. The raid needs to kill Gothik before that.

Gothik the Harvester on wowwiki.

The Four Horsemen
Different from 10-men!

RL Assignments
4 tanks needed (could do with just 1 in the back as alternative).
Assign a tank to every corner, assign a healer to every tank, leave 1 healer for raid healing. Assign DPS to their first corner.

When the raid engages these four horsemen, each one of them will come to a corner. At the front, both tanks will pick up Rivendare & Kortazz. At the back there’s no need to pick up any bosses, since they will stay stationairy at their spot and do ranged attacks. The tanks at the back don’t need to be in melee range of the bosses at all times, they just need to keep the bosses on them and stay closest to them at all times.

The most important thing in this fight is that all players get close enough to the bosses to get their debuffs, which will stack and do more damage over time. If one of the four groups doesn’t get the debuff, it will mean a wipe.

Front Strategy
DPS will start on one of the bosses (assign them to the right or the left corner), take the boss down and then move to the next boss to take that down. If the dps group gets 3 or more stacks, the front tanks need to taunt the bosses off each other as you would do normally in 10-men. Tanks can shout out on TS/Vent about this or give a raid warning. Remember that Kortazz does a meteor attack and all need to stay hugged during this encounter at the front.

Tanks: pick up the bosses, keep an eye on the stacks of the debuff and switch if needed.
Dps: stay hugged the entire encounter.
Healers: keep to your targets during the entire encounter.

Back Strategy
There are 4 players at the back: 2 tanks and 2 healers.
Healers stick with your tank and both groups should switch sides at 2 or 3 stacks. This can be communicated through TS/Vent or through raidchat. Remember that there always has to be one group at each living boss, for the debuff.

Watch out for the black circles in the ground and don’t stand in them.

Rinse & repeat until BOTH Kortazz & Rivendare are down.
Then entire raid moves to the back and switches between bosses at 3 stacks individually. Nuke the last two horsemen down. Healing is FFA in this last phase.

Alternative Strategy for Zeliek and Blaumeux
This requires 3 players in the back.
One healer and one tank start off in one corner, 1 healer starts of in the other corner. When the tank has 2 stacks, he will switch to the other corner. This will start the dance.

The Four Horsemen on wowwiki.

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