25 Naxxramas: Frostwyrm Lair

This is a guide for raid leaders with tactics for 25 Naxx based on my own raidleading experiences with Hording Friends.

This post includes Frostwyrm Lair: Sapphiron & Kel’Thuzad. Wowwiki links and tankspot videos included!

Sapphiron’s fight is the same as in 10 Naxx.
The only difference is that 3 people will get Ice Bolted.

There are 2 phases to this fight.

In the first phase everyone will nuke Sapphiron while he’s being tanked in one spot and while all players (except MT) try to avoid the Chill (the ice storm). Sapphiron will also do a curse that needs to be decursed.

In the second phase 3 players will get Ice Bolted and the entire raid needs to hide behind them in order to avoid Sapphiron’s Deep Breath.

The MT will tank Sapphiron in the middle of the room, with the head towards the entrance.
The healers and all ranged dps will stand on the right side of the room.
Melee dps will stand at the hind legs on the right side of the room.

During the first phase Sapphiron will do a curse that will hurt the players and will heal him. This needs to be decursed asap by any class that can!

Ice Bolts
Remember that the 3 Ice Bolts won’t happen all at once, but one after the other. The raid has some time to find an Ice Bolt to hide behind. Healers should try to divide themselves between the Ice Bolted players. The Ice Bolts will do some aoe damage, so try not to stand too close to them, though this can be healed through.

Main Tank
During the first phase the MT should try to keep Sapphiron stationary, the MT doesn’t have to move when the Ice Storm hits, it can be healed through.

Rinse and repeat!!

Chill kiting
If Chill (Ice Storm) becomes too much of a problem, RL can suggest a kiting strategy.

Using the tactics above, the ranged group will also be responsible for coordinating the Chill Kiting which can require some coordination between the tank, melee group, and ranged group. As Chill approaches the ranged group they should attempt to keep the Chill blizzard to their left shoulder while maintaining DPS and heals. They should start DPS from the back side of Sapphiron and slowly move towards the head as the Chill blizzard follows them.

As the ranged group approaches the head, the tank should slowly rotate Sapphiron a quarter of the way around, putting the ranged group back towards the back quarter of Sapphiron.

When Sapphiron enters Phase 2, the ranged, melee and tank should converge and make their way around the room, counter clockwise (keeping their distance to avoid AoE from the Ice Bolt), until they are a sufficient distance from the Chill blizzard or until the first Raid member is Ice Blocked. At that point, they should wait for the second member to be Ice Blocked and run behind either one (whichever is the safest distance from the Chill blizzard).

When Sapphiron lands, the Chill Kiting continues from the beginning and follows the same procedures until Sapphiron is downed.

Note: Chill has a 10 second duration and may spawn at another random location in the raid, which could be on top of one of your ice blocks, but in most cases Chill Kiting will save all, if not a few seconds, of healing required due to Chill, which can mean a big difference in your end result.

Saphhiron on wowwiki

This encounter is different from 10 Naxx!

This fight has two phases.

In the first phase the raid will have to nuke down elite mobs that will spawn from the side. In the second phase the raid will fight the boss.

During the first phase melee dps kills Abominations, ranged dps kills Soldiers of the Frozen Wastes and Soul Weavers. Tanks will pick up the Abominations and healers will heal their assigned targets.

Phase 2 starts when Kel’Thuzad awakes and the raid will need to spread out to minimize the damage of his attacks, all players should be at least 10 yards away from each other.

He does a Mana detonation, Shadow Fissure, Frost Bolt and Frost Blast as he does in 10-man.

On top of this he does Chains of Kel’Thuzad, which will MC 3 random people at once, this usually happens once before the Guardians of Icecrown spawn. The damage of these MC’d will increase by 200% and healing by 500%. They will buff Kel’Thuzad and will heal him. And one shot other players. These players can be CC’d like any other humanoid. It last for 20 seconds and can’t be avoided.
After the MC is over, the players should return to their positions.

Main Tank
Drag Kel’Thuzad to the centre of the room and tank him there, only move for the shadow fissure.

Melee DPS
Spread around Kel’Thuzad, stacking at the points of his robe (diamond shaped formation). Try to stay 10 yards away from each other (which might not be entirely possible), but avoid being in range of the tank at all times!

RL needs to set up a rotation to interrupt Kel’Thuzad’s Frost Bolt which will hit the tank for 30k without resistance.

Ranged DPS
Spread out in a circle around Kel’Thuzad, at least 10 yards away from anyone.

RL will assign a position for each of the five healers, that way all of the players will be in range of at least one healer. RL can use the points of the shape in the centre of the room to assign positions.

Off Tanks
Hide away in max range during phase 2, be ready to pick up the four Nerubian Crypt Lords when Kel’Thuzad is at 45% health. And tank them in range of your healer. The adds will hit harder the longer it takes to take the boss down. Do not attempt to dps these adds down as they despawn when the boss dies.

Possibly have someone on Shadow Fissure duty: shout out on TS/Vent or type in raidchat “Shaddow Fissure + name of player”.

RL can ask the raid to type /range and set it to 10 yards. This way everyone knows if they are too close to anybody else.

Kel’Thuzad on wowwiki

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