25 Naxxramas: Construct Quarter

This is a guide for raid leaders with tactics for 25 Naxx based on my own raidleading experiences with Hording Friends.

This post includes the Construct Quarter: Patchwerk, Grobbulus, Gluth, Thaddius. Wowwiki links and tankspot videos included!

This encounter is the same as in 10-men!
The only difference is that Patchwerk does a Hateful Strike on 2nd and 3rd target. No one can overaggro the 3 tanks.

It is a very simple fight, the raid needs to dps him down before he enrages after 5 minutes. At 5% he will go into a frenzy (+25% dmg & +40% melee haste). Patchwerk hits like a truck.

All 3 tanks need to go in first and get aggro. The tanks need to be on top of the aggro list at all times. If a dps gets above them or if one tank dies, Patchwerk will start 1-shotting players. The OT with the highest HP will be hit first with hateful strike.

Give the tanks 1-3 seconds to get aggro, then nuke Patchwerk down.

Stick to your targets, except for the raid healers, who will also need to spam heal the 3 tanks.

Patchwerk on wowwiki

Grobbulus is the same as in 10-men.
The only difference is that he enrages after 9 minutes.

Grobbulus has a couple of nasty abilities. He makes poison cloud on the ground that will expand and will kill you if you touch it.
He does a mutating injection on a random player, which will make you fart one of those poison clouds.
Grobbulus also does an aoe attack that will affect everyone who’s in front of him.
And next to this some slime will spawn that does aoe damage.

Main Tank
The main tank will kite Grobbulus slowly across the room clockwise, leaving enough room between each poison cloud.

Off Tanks
Pick up the incoming slimes, move them away from the raid.

Nuke boss. Some ranged dps will have to take care of the adds.

Healing is FFA, since everyone can get the mutating injection. Enjoy the healing frenzy! Keep a special eye on our tanks and our healers.

Everyone (except for the MT) can get a mutating injection. Try to shout out the names on TS/Vent of the players that get it, but players will have to pay close attention themselves as well, since there will be more and more mutating injections as the fight continues.

If a player gets a mutating injection, she will have to run to the wall BEHIND the boss and wait until the debuff vanishes and wait until you leave a fart on the ground. So find a free spot inbetween the poison clouds that the boss drops. The MT will try to make room for this.

Do NOT leave you poison clouds in front of the tank or along the path that the tank will take or in the middle of the room. The poison clouds will grow and this will wipe the raid. So always leave you mutating injection behind the boss.

Grobbulus on wowwiki

Same as in 10-men.

There will be two phases for this boss.
Phase 1: normal mode. Some adds will spawn to the back of the room, they will be kited.
Phase 2: Decimate will be cast by Gluth, the health of everyone in the raid will drop to 5% and the adds (zombies) will try to get to Gluth to heal him up.

Main Tank and OT
Tank Gluth, make sure you taunt him off each other at least every 5 stacks. The debuff that you’ll get will diminish healing by 10%.

Off Tank
One OT will tank the adds at the back of the room. They will need to be slowed down by the dps classes. Mages can frost nova them and hunters can put down slowing traps.

Alternatively this can be done by a frost mage that kites the adds around the room as well.

During phase 1 dps nukes the boss, yet some dps will need to CC the adds.
During phase 2 (right after decimate), dps needs to focus on nuking and CC-ing the adds as much and as fast as possible. They cannot reach the boss. After the adds are down dps can go back to nuking the boss.

This is a hrd fight for the healers, since there’s a lot of healing needed. Heal your targets (MT/OT/raid), yet keep a close eye on the tanks and help heal where necessary, especially right after decimate.

Gluth on wowwiki

This encounter is the same as in 10-men, only harder, since you can’t lose dps, because of Thaddius’ enrage timer.

This fight consists of two parts. First the raid has to kill Feuden and Stalagg within seconds of each other on the platforms. Then all have to jump off the platform to the boss and fight him.

The RL will split the raid into two groups (with even dps on both sides). One will go for Feuden, the other for Stalagg. The raid will need to kill them pretty much at the same time. If players have DBM, they will see Feuden’s & Stalagg’s healthbars pop up during the fight. Please keep an eye on this. RL’s can also guide players through this first part on TS/Vent.
During the add-fight, the tanks will be swapped around between the platforms. Healers then need to change their targets every now and then.

After these go down, the raid will let the tanks jump towards the other side first. To make sure the tanks reach the platform hunters can pop an aspect, mages can cast slow fall and priests can cast levitate.

The tricky part about Thaddius is that he does a polarity shift a few seconds into the fight.
This means all players will get a positive or a negative debuff. If players are close to someone with the opposite debuff they will both be killed. That is why the positive players need to hug up on the right side and the negative players need to hug up on the left side (as viewed from entering the room).

Thaddius will then shift polarity every now and then. If a player has the same polarity, stay in the same spot. If your polarity changed, move to the other side by running to your right.

At this point it is a dps race, since he enrage after 6 minutes.

Also, while fighting Thaddius melee & ranged have to hug up as much as possible. This will give a stacking debuff that will increase dps.

Thaddius on wowwiki

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