25 Naxxramas: Spider Quarter

This is a guide for raid leaders with tactics for 25 Naxx based on my own raidleading experiences with Hording Friends.

This post includes the Spider Quarter: Anub’Rekhan, Grand Widow Faerlina, Maexxna. Wowwiki links and tankspot videos included!

This encounter is the same as in 10-men.
The only difference is that there are 2 Crypt Guards up at the start.

Main Tank
Tank Anub’Rekhan at the door.

Off Tanks
Tank the Crypt Guards and the scarabs. One new Crypt Guard will spawn every Locust Swarm and it needs to be picked up. The scarabs spawn from the bodies of the Crypt Guards.

Nuke down the Crypt Guarsd first and then focus on Anub’Rekhan. Spread out across the room to minimize the effect of impale (spikes on the ground).

Spread out across the room, just like dps and stick on your target. Keep a special eye out on the MT during the locust swarm.

Anub’Rekhan on wowwiki.

Grand Widow Faerlina
This encounter is different from 10-men!
You are going to need at least 1 priest.

Main Tank
Tank Faerlina in the middle of the room, away from the OT’s.

Off Tanks
One OT tanks the worshippers reasonably close to the MT.
The other OT tanks the followers away from the raid group.

Kill followers and then nuke the boss.

Heal your targets, pay extra attention to the MT if the boss goes in to a frenzy.

Stay close to the worshippers and try to MC one before the boss will enrage. Then cast Widow’s Embrace on the boss AFTER she enrages. This will kill the worshipper, yet will silence the boss in that school of magic (nature).

Place poison totems if possible.

Grand Widow Faerlina on wowwiki.

This encounter is the same as in 10-men Naxx, the only difference is that two people will be web wrapped.

Maexxna will do 3 nasty attacks. She will web wrap two players to a wall. She will summon a bunch of spiders (summon spiderlings) and she’ll web the whole raid (web spray).

Besides these abilities she will enrage at 30% health.

Main Tank
Tank Maexxna where she stands, turned away from the raid.

Off Tanks
Stay close to the boss, be ready to take over from MT when she enrages (at 30%).

Raid Group
Position yourselves behind the boss, closely hugging each other, to get the most benefit from aoe healing and to be able to aoe the spiderlings.

Nuke the boss as much as you can, yet STOP dps at 33% and wait for the last person to be wrapped. MT will shout out for this.
When she summons spiderlings, aoe them down asap.
Two ranged dps need to be on web-duty, this means freeing the person that is web wrapped.

Most importantly is to make sure HoT’s (including abolish poison) are on tank and refreshed just before web wrap (which is just after the summoning of the spiders).
At 30% be ready to overheal MT, yet also keep an eye out on the OT’s, who might need to take on the boss if MT dies.

Maexxna on wowwiki.

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