WoW Life: a Quick Guide to Resto Druids

Restoration druids are all about the hots! I will highlight some things that I found really important when it comes to resto druids and healing in raids.

Important Stats
The most important stat for a resto druid is spellpower. Aftert his def. comes spirit or mp5. Trees need lots of mana regen, but also lots of powerful heals. We’re not good at reactionary healing (we don’t have instant heals), so our hots need to do the job. I personally prefer spirit over mp5, just because we don’t spend a lot of time casting (most of our casts are hots, but instant).

spellpower > spirit/mp5 > intellect > stamina > spell crit

You can find my current talent build here. I often change my talent tree, it’s important to keep reviewing your talent tree as your gear changes!

It’s very useful to spend some points in balance, as you can see in my build. I think Nature’s Splendor is very useful for extra time for your hots, yet it isn’t needed, the same goes for Nature’s Grace (+haste).

I didn’t spend any points in Nature’s Swiftness or Swiftmend or any talents that improved Healing Touch, since I don’t use these spells in my normal rotation.

You should adjust your talent build to the spells that you use most!

Enchants & Gems
Enchants and gems really flow from the important stats mentioned above. Take a look at your druid, figure out where you have a shortage and adjust your enchants and gems accordingly. When you just start out, you will probably wants some more +spirit enchants or gems, while later on (as you gear up) you might go for +spellpower and +haste more.

If you want some examples of resto druid gear and enchants, take a look at Muttens in the armory here or on the be imba site here.

For an overview of gems you can view wowiki here.

Useful Glyphs
For an overview of Druid glyphs, view wowiki here.

Glyph of Innervate: This will give back your entire mana pool most of the time. That means that you’ll have twice your mana pool during every fight. This is a very re-assuring feeling. That’s why many of the other healers are jealous at our innervate, and they should be!

For the other major glyphs there are a few options, depending on your spell rotation. These are my favorites:
Glyph of Lifebloom: +1 sec to your lifebloom.
Glyph of Regrowth: +20% healing on Regrowth if Regrowth effect is active.
Glyph of Wild Growth: 6 targets for Wild Growth (instead of 5)

I don’t find the other glyphs very useful. When choosing glyphs, look at your own spell rotation, then chose the glyphs that have an effect on the spells you use most.

My spell rotation
Rejuvenation – Lifebloom x 3 – Regrowth when needed

I keep Rejuvenation and Lifebloom (3 stacks) active at all times. I pop in Regrowth if the target goes under 70% health. If there is a tough boss, I keep Regrowth active at all times.

There’s only 1 more spell I use and that’s Wild Growth. I can cast this on 2 people: the tank or myself. I cast it on the tank not to heal the tank, but to heal melee dps. I cast it on myself to heal myself and some ranged dps/other healers that are standing near me.

Raid healing or not ?
Druids are often put on raid healing, since they think we have a lot of aoe healing spells (while we only have 2, one of which is on a massive CD, tranquillity).

I don’t think druids are the preferred class for raid healing. Since raid healing usually requires reactionary healing and we don’t have big instant heals. If there are fights where the raid group looses small amounts of health every few seconds, then resto druids would be suitable for raid healing (an example of a fight like this is Loatheb). Usually my raid healing is spamming Wild Growth around, which I can do just as easily while I’m healing the MT.

Druids are exceptionally good at healing the tank. Usually the tank will keep at 100% health at all times during fights, which is something only druids can offer. Tanks take a massive beating, but this is steady damage and we are very capable of healing through it.

But the type of healing you’re good at also depends on the kind of player you are. Find your own way of healing and your own spell rotation. Not everything that works for me, will work for you! So play around with it. Druids are a very interesting and challenging class!

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