WoW Life: Guilds & Me

I returned to WoW saying I wouldn’t get involved as much as I used too, but I really liked my guild and the people in it. After a while I got promoted to veteran and this weekend I even organised a 25 Naxx raid, raidleading it and everything. What happened to my initial promise to myself? And how come WoW always knows to pull me back in?

As many players say, WoW is about relaxation for me. It’s about having fun and I have the most fun when other people are having fun with me. I took a break from WoW because it wasn’t fun any more. At that time I was leading a guild and didn’t enjoy the responsibilities I had. I didn’t like having to run a guild, having the responsibility of taking care of 80 people or more and making sure everybody’s happy.

When I decided to come back to WoW, I also decided that would never happen again. Yet somehow I got pulled into this bunch of idiots called Hording Friends! My guild is incredibly fun, with a great bunch of people who are very relaxed. However with my own previous guild experiences in mind, I can’t stop but to see some problems along the road in front of us. And I mean your basic guild problems: raid progression, class development and basic organisational issues.

Yet the guild is doing great. We have a fun bunch of people around and raiding is going very well. We even downed two bosses in Ulduar, while we don’t even have 10 Naxx on grind yet! We just cleared Naxx a few times. So why am I even thinking about these things then?

It’s the game itself that causes some problems for me. It has very limited social options. Guilds have to be organised in a certain way, with ranks and certain privileges come with each rank. I’m someone who doesn’t believe in ranks or hierarchies. In real life as well, if someone has a high position somewhere, it doesn’t mean he or she will get my respect automatically. I have to get to know a person before that person will receive any admiration from me. The same goes in guilds, I usually don’t really pipe down because I’m just a member and I don’t accept everything the leaders of a guild tell me.

Some people have problems with such an attitude, not Hording Friends! When I criticized their policies, they made me a veteran. When I suggested to raid heroic Naxx, they told me to go ahead and organise it. This says a lot about the guild I’m in and it also shows that the guild leaders are very open to suggestion and are creating their own vision for a guild, independently from what Blizzard intended them to create.

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    • Phobia
    • June 14th, 2009

    Haha yeah she doesn’t respect me at all :P Just kidding

    You just keep on saying stuff you feel is wrong and I just keep on bringing it up in meetings

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