Can Money Buy You Love? The Millionaire’s Club Says It Can!

An exclusive matchmaking service for successful men or a tool for gold diggers to find their victims or even an expensive escort service? I’m not sure what to make of the Millionaire’s Club, even after watching several episodes of its show The Millionaire Matchmaker.

The TV show seems a regular reality show, yet it offers us a peek into the highly discriminating and contradictory Millionaire’s Club. Millionaires pay the club a large amount of money to find them a match and to coach them through the dating process. The club then offers them a selection of ‘beautiful women’ that are supposedly willing to settle down and have their children.

On the Millionaire’s Club’s website everyone can see for themselves that the message conveyed by the TV show isn’t that innocent. For one, it’s all about money. The fees that people have to pay are ridiculously high. Its standard fee is $25.000 US dollars and the millionaire can buy addons to this which, of course, requires additional fees. Then there are other more exclusive memberships, like the personal search membership where the Millionaire’s Club’s finest will personally find a match for the millionaire and he will have an unlimited amount of dates at his disposal.

Contradicting these extravagantly high fees females get in for free! Of course, not just anybody gets in. You have to be ‘beautiful’ to conquer a millionaire, as you can see in the selection of women they offer on the site. These women are everything but extraordinary or beautiful. They are plain and boring, conforming to the standard image of beauty that is often portrayed in popular media. And even though the site states that they wouldn’t allow pornographic or nude images on their site and that these women wouldn’t be considered, there are many sexually provocative and nude images among their selection. If they are contradicting themselves on this little statement, how can potential millionaires believe that they won’t end up with a gold digger? I also wonder why there aren’t any black women in their selection. And where are the full figured women? It is very disturbing to see that these women are missing and are obviously discriminated against.

To get into the club women have to fill in a standard form with information and personal questions. Although many professional dating agencies look into personalities, this company maintains different methods for finding the perfect partner. The form for the women contains inquiries about breast size and other measurements. Questions include ‘What’s more important: looks or money?’ or ‘What’s your dating age?’ accompanied by the remark ‘remember, men don’t make serious money till they get into their 40’s’. This creates a focus on superficialities and pushes the girls to accept an older partner. What has this to do with love?

Although the men have to pay a large fee, they aren’t free from discrimination either and they have to conform to certain standards dictated by the club. During the dating process they are coached by a number of experts, as seen in the TV show and mentioned in the site. These coaches manipulate the millionaires into dressing, speaking and acting differently. This way the Millionaire’s Club makes the women and men act like someone they’re not and thus deceit each other. An extremely good foundation for a serious relationship, right?

Although they’ve established an image as matchmaker’s service for men, they also have a female and gay division. The female fee is exceptionally higher than the male fee, $50.0000 US dollars and the gay fee isn’t even mentioned, just like some of the exclusive memberships. So according to the Millionaire’s Club, if you got the cash, you get the love. Doesn’t this have too many similarities with prostitution? There money can really buy you the love you want, with the Millionaire’s Club there aren’t any guarantees.

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