WoW Life: Moonkin Druid

Although Feral (dps) is supposed to be the best spec for leveling druids, I’ve recently respecced my druid to Balance and leveling has never been this easy! I can hit myself in the head for not doing this sooner. Balance offers you the possibility to let your druid function as a caster with high dps, so it does major damage, yet it’s also a ranged class with weaker armor than Feral.

I was quite disappointed about the pace at which I was leveling. I know it’s supposed to be about fun and all, but I also like to improve my skills in WoW and become a better player. After the break I took, which lasted a couple of months, I realised I had to learn everything again and I accepted the fact that I’d be levelling a lot slower than I used to. But still I was terribly disappointed, the pace of levelling was a lot higher on my hunter (Snugg’s now level 38) than on my druid. This of course isn’t a surprise either, since you just level quicker at lower levels. At some point I remembered that I’ve always preferred ranged classes over melee classes (close combat classes, like a warrior etc), so I respecced to Balance and I haven’t regretted it since.

First of all, Moonkin looks incredibly cute! As a druid you have the ability to shapeshift into different animals. The bear form is used for tanking and is gained as a feral talent, similar to the cat form, which is for dps. Then there’s a couple of travel forms, like a sea lion for swimming and a leopard and bird for travelling across land. If however a player spends talent points in the two other trees (balance and resto) you can gain tree form and Moonkin form. Moonkin form looks like an owl, it increase your armor contribution from items and causes more dps (through increasing the critical strike chance).

I currently have the following talent build. By spending 14 points in restoration I gain a couple of useful abilities that help me safe mana and thus continue to fight for a longer period of time without interruptions (mana breaks). One ability is Intensity, which causes 30% of your mana regeneration to continue while casting, which is a big help. And another useful ability here is the Omen of Clarity which causes a Clearcasting state, thereby reducing the cost of your next spell by 100%. Next to this I’ve put all my talents in balance, for the most dps. I’m levelling this character so I can go full restoration at level 80 and be a healer in raids.

The current combat sequence I use is: Entangle Roots, Fearie Fire, Moonfire, Insect Swarm, Starfire and then I cast Wrath until the target dies. Although I’m going to change this slightly and use Starfire 2 times instead of one, because it does more damage, yet Wrath is really cheap mana wise and does a fair amount of damage too. So I first trap the target, making it unable to attacking me (unless it’s a caster, then the sequence changes), then I put the next tree spells on them for the damage over time. And I use Starfire and Wrath as my heavy guns to finish them off. If it’s a caster I try to cast Starfire first and then Faerie Fire, Moonfire etc. Yet I often forget to do this and start with Entangle Roots anyway.

Moonkin offers all those caster and ranged loving players the chance to play a druid without having to go through the hassle of melee action. Although I don’t think it’d be wise to level all the way as a Moonkin. Moonkin form requires quite a lot of talents in balance, so before you reach this, it’s wise to try feral kitty out for a while (also cute). I’m really enjoying my time in my new guild, Hording Friends, and I’ll give an update about that soon, since I’m contemplating what kind of role a guild exactly plays in World of Warcraft.

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