WoW Life: the first few weeks

A lot has happened this week in my WoW life: I’ve transferred my level 69 feral druid to Eonar, I’ve started a Death Knight, I’ve changed many professions on my different characters and – the most important thing – I’ve joined a guild!

I’ve made steady progression with Snuggems this week. I simply can’t get enough of playing a hunter, it’s incredibly enjoyable. Every time I played other characters and felt frustrated, I went back to Snuggems and just thought I was King of The World. Hunters definitely rock! He’s now at level 31 with the following build: 10/12/0. As I’ve said before, I’ve put some points in survival, but I’m going for marksmanship all the way, since I want to deal some lethal dps (damage per second). As for my talent points in survival: I’ve spent some on Endurance Training, increasing my pet’s health by 10% and my own health by 5%, it never hurts to have more health at your disposal. It gives you the opportunity to continue combat for a longer period of time without interruptions (healing yourself) and thereby gaining more experience (xp) in a shorter period. To help increase my overall dps I’ve spend 2 talent points in Focused Fire, thereby increasing my pets damage. I’ve also invested in Thick Hide (which increases your armour rating) for the same reasons as I had for Endurance Training.

Numnums is not doing too great. Although I still love playing a mage, I’m noticing I find it not very interesting anymore. I’ve played with a gnome mage (fire all the way) for a little over a year and although I love playing mages, I’ve done it all before and I know the class inside out. Maybe that would motivate some people to level up this character, but for me it has lost its challenge. I’m also looking at the bigger picture here. I’ve transferred my druid, who currently has a feral spec but will be resto when I hit 80. That way I’ll have a dps character (Snuggems) and a healer (Muttens, my druid) when it comes to raiding and heroics. I love being able to switch to different playing styles. My mage would also function as dps, yet with some more CC (crowd control) than my hunter has. I don’t think I need two dps classes at level 80. Although you of course need a hunter for some raids/instances and need a mage for others, they’re both a dps class and function the same way at their core. That’s why I’ll only level my mage when I’m done levelling my druid and my hunter.

And I do love my druid. I thought I would never get into playing him again, yet I’ve succeeded in getting to know his ins and outs in just a couple of hours. I found it a terrible shame to have a high level character just rotting in dust, while I could be helping my fellow players out by bringing some extra power to the table. Another reason for picking up my druid again, was simply because I was a little bored. I wanted a bigger challenge and I desperately wanted to experience the new content. My druid offered me that. I’m levelling it purely for the healing powers. Ever since I found out (a long time ago) that druids turn into trees while healing I’ve desperately wanted one, but I’ve always been a little afraid of starting one. I thought that hybrid classes (classes with multiple functions: dps, healing and tanking) would end up not excelling in anything: not doing enough dps and not healing as good as other healing classes. Apart from that I hate melee classes and I dislike melee’s playing style. I’ve noticed I’m struggling a bit while levelling my druid, simply because it’s a melee class.

The difference between melee and ranged classes is simple: ranged classes kill the mob (enemy) before it reaches them, while melee classes go into close combat and get down and dirty. I dislike getting hit. Yet out of curiosity I’ve started a Death Knight and I must say I’m loving it. She’s a mad troll by the name of Bubble and she’s going to be specced blood. Blood is a dps specialisation for the Death Knight, which also offers some talents in healing. I absolutely love the way Blizzard build in the starting area for the Death Knight and it’s extremely fun and handy to start a character at level 55. I’ll write more on my experiences playing Bubble soon!

The most important change in my WoW life has been joining a guild. After playing for one week I felt a bit down and thought it was getting old. So I decided I try my luck again and join a guild. I was looking for a mature, casual guild that wouldn’t put too many obligations on me. I haven’t got the most regular life rhythm and while I’m setting up my own company, I want to be able to be flexible and not have too many obligations. I’ve ran a couple of guilds in my days and it’s just way too much responsibility taking care of the wishes of 80 or more players. It’s like you’ve got another job! I didn’t want that to happen again. Luckily I’ve recently joined a guild (and I’m a trial member right now) that seems to be really cool, fun, mature and casual. Not casual in the sense that they’re total n00bs. These people seem to know what they’re doing and have fun doing it. That’s exactly what I want. All in all, my life in WoW is good!

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    • Phobia
    • February 8th, 2009

    Glad to see that you are having a good time. :)

  1. Thanks Phobes! I’m def. having a good time and looking forward to some serious action with you guys.

    The guild I joined is called Hording Friends, btw, forgot to mention that. Will write more about all the individual topics I’ve mentioned here soon.

    • Iain
    • February 20th, 2009

    But a few weeks ago you said that the Death Knight was just a combination of warriors, mages, warlocks and priests! :o

  2. Haha, I still think it’s a combination class, though it’s not really a caster or is it? I have to find out, since I haven’t been leveling Bubble at all, I’ve been way to excited about my druid.

    • Iain
    • February 20th, 2009

    No, it’s always a melee class, has a couple of ranged abilities but mostly just for pulling and controlling and stuff. It really isn’t all that similar to other classes…I mean, it’s still going to do normal roles of tanking and melee DPS but it isn’t just a warrior with diseases.

    • Khanrak
    • February 28th, 2009

    ……but it isn’t just a warrior with diseases.

    But I am a warrior with diseases

  3. Haha! :D

    • Nare
    • March 18th, 2009

    Whats all this then?
    Where am I?
    This isn’t wailing caverns

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