Me & My Katamari (PSP)

Hyper rainbow, disco dancing, a king with a tight bathing suit and a big Katamari, these are the ingredients for this wonderful wacky game! You are asked by different kinds of animals to help them get an island of their own. You can accomplish this by making a huge Katamari. After you get your mission you will be launched by a catapult or by a volcano to the place where the mission starts. There is a huge ball, the Katamari, which you can roll around and all objects smaller than the Katamari will be glued to it instantly. This way your Katamari will keep on getting bigger and bigger as you can see in the video below.

When I started playing the game I was immediately hooked, because of the cute and funny style! The game starts with a weird cartoon and a lot of things are explained. I was immediately intrigued by this imaginative world. You are Prince and your parents are the King and the Queen. The whole family lives in this beautiful, cartoon-like world which the King governs, although I didn’t get the impression he’s a very good King. The King is the most interesting character of the game and he guides you through the game.

The first mission functions as a tutorial I still didn’t fully mastered the controls. The controls are very difficult and it takes a lot of time to get used to them, but once I mastered the controls, the game was wonderful! The tutorial is without a time limit, so you can roll up until you are satisfied with the size of your Katamari. The tutorial ends when you’ve rolled up your first cousin (there will be more cousins to roll up in upcoming missions). After this you’ll get a cut-scene and your score. The King makes an island out of your very first Katamari! Then you’ll have access to your own island. With the right and the left trigger you can also go to two other islands: Beanstalk Island (where all your cousins live, you can choose any cousin you’ve rolled up and play with them instead of Prince) and Volcano Island (where you can get the special and weird missions).

As I’ve mentioned: in the beginning the game can frustrate you, because of the weird controls. They aren’t like traditional controls and it takes a lot of time to get used to them. But after this you’ll roll up everything with ease and you can really control your Katamari.

I’m still puzzled by this game, because it’s such an easy concept. A big ball with which you can roll up everything and it grows as you roll up more stuff. The game really sucked me in with this way of thinking and after a while I got an urge to roll up as many things as I wanted. I wanted to roll up the world. Unfortunately this isn’t possible. There is a limit to what you can roll up, especially in the missions. Here you have to reach a certain size and there is a time limit. However, if you get a really high score (80 or higher) you can play in eternal mode. This means you can roll up everything without a time limit. I think this mode is wonderful, you can relax in-between missions and try to develop your mastery of the controls even further. Nevertheless, eternal mode is very boring. You get sick of it. It’s much more fun to play with a time limit, because then you have a goal.

I wouldn’t give Me & My Katamari a 10, because of the PSP. The PSP is a true torture device for your hands and wrists. When you play an addictive game like Me & Me Katamari you would like to play it for hours and hours at a time, but with the PSP this isn’t possible. You have to take it easy and do different things with your hands, because else you’ll get what a friend of mine had: soar wrists and then you can’t play anymore! I really hate the design of the PSP. It’s to heavy and it appears to not be developed for gaming. It’s truly horrible.

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