Britney: For The Record? Right…

I just finished watching Britney: For The Record and I was left sad. I hoped this documentary would take away some of my concerns about this pop idol, but it created new ones. Britney was being controlled by others, but now it seems like she has lost passion and fire and she’s still not in control.

As a little girl I absolutely adored Britney, which soon faded when I turned 12, but I still had a period that I loved her and that has created some attachment to this celebrity. I’ve always followed popular culture closely and some more ‘intellectual’ people wonder why. Well, it’s absolutely fascinating and if analysed correctly pop culture informs us about the state of the world. Britney Spears and her problems show that our world has changed, privacy boundaries have faded and we’ve become more and more dependent on media.

Painfully I’ve followed the events surrounding Britney: the headshaving incident, the lawsuits, the horrible MTV performance, the divorce, the crazy paparazzi incidents and so on. I was worried for a while that she would kill herself and when Dr. Phil offered the same concerns, I was even more concerned. After a while, however, I discovered that something else was going on. There were many people that were making money by documenting Britney’s personal life, which of course didn’t come as a shocker to me. But the fact that it spiralled out of control and that literally everyone wanted a piece of her, seemed very sad. She wasn’t in control of her life, she was being lived by others, not only in the media, also in her personal life.

Not being a big fan of her music these days, and that’s a euphemism, I still followed her album release and was absolutely shocked that she was awarded with three VMA’s. Now it’s starting to make sense. MTV is the next person that’s selling the product named Britney and Britney, again, sold herself. She won the awards, because there was a documentary coming up and a reality show. MTV funded Britney’s come back, but has she really come back? No way! If the documentary made anything clear to me, it’s that she’s on a different path now, but still not in control of her life. The documentary is as fake as can be. Everything seems staged and incredibly fake, insincere almost. Of course, this isn’t shocking, we can’t believe anything we see on tv, even the news since everything is subjective, let alone a documentary made by MTV about Britney.

I still can’t believe that as a little girl I admired this woman, who seems to be a little kid herself, even though she’s got two kids to take care of now. The image she’s projecting of herself is a typical dumb, goofy, Southern American girl, which can’t possibly be someone’s entire identity, unless you’re a really sad person. And it can’t be that she’s really like that, unless someone else has planned her career for her, since you need some intelligence to accomplish what she has done. At one point in her documentary she says that there are people that want her to become a strong woman. I’d like to see that, but after watching this I doubt she’ll ever be a strong, confident woman or a good role model.

The rubbish she says about her shaving incident is just insane! If the interviewer had any brains he’d have giggled and said: “No seriously, Britbrit, come off it. What was really going on?” I mean, a spiritual journey? Shedding? Rebellion? With her puppy eyes and bleach blond hair, right! Everyone will believe that, it’s not just an act so you can get the American public back on your good side. What is she thinking? Before watching this I was a bit relaxed about her situation, now I just don’t believe that anything has changed. She’s as much out of control as she was before.

When I watched episode 169 of South Park called ‘Britney’s New Look’ I was shocked to see her kill herself, although the whole thing was hilarious of course. Now I look back on it and I don’t care anymore. She’s not the person I idolised as a little girl and she’s been digging her own grave for a while now. As far as I’m concerned, I’m done with her. At the end of the documentary she says that one day she’ll write a mysterious book about her life. I really hope she gets back on her feet one day and will be able to write a book about it all, I just won’t be buying it.

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