A quick update!

I’ve not been able to post much lately, since I’m too busy and have been without internet for a while, but that’s going to change! I’m first going to take a lovely break from everything and I’m making a trip through Southern India, which I’m very excited about and I’ll write about the Indian culture and all my experiences when I get back in December.

I’ve also recently started Hatha Yoga and I’ve fallen in love with it. There are a lot of different forms of yoga available in Maastricht and I’ll review them all briefly, since I’ve been researching them for a while now. I’m amazed by the variety between the different forms of yoga, but all of them fascinate me and every class offers a learning experience. It’s just amazingly wonderful.

Fable 2 has just come out and being a big fan of Fable: The Lost Chapters, I bought it immediately and I’ve been spending too much time playing it. It’s absolutely wonderful! But there are some flaws… Before it came out Peter Molyneux came by our class (during my MA at Brunel) and showed us the unfinished raw version, he made a lot of promises and a lot of what he said hasn’t been applied to the game. Which is a shame. Fable 2 is also just a better version of Fable, which for me shows a lack of creativity from Lionhead or even worse a tendency towards money-making-greed (since Fable scored very well, a clone of Fable will do well too). But I’ll write about that in depth, when I get back from my fabulous wonderful trip to India.

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    • Bob Weisenberg
    • October 31st, 2008

    Hi, Judith.

    I’m just starting to experiment with WordPress features, and your blog came up because of the yoga tag.

    I’d like to invite you to read and participate in my site: http://www.myyogabook.wordpress.com . It might be interesting to you, given your new interest in Yoga.

    Bob W.

  1. Hey Bob, cool site and very nice project. Thanks for inviting me to participate in it.

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