As The World Turns

I’ve been watching As The World Turns for over 15 years. Yes, I started very early on in my life and I taught myself English through this soap opera. I’ve not watched it continuously, but I keep going back to it. It’s a lot better than most Dutch soaps, like Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden, and agreed it’s not exactly high art, but when it comes to soap opera As The World Turns rocks.

My earliest memory of As The World Turns is when Holden and Lily met as young kids in Emma’s barn and they immediately fell in love. This is what I absolutely adore about soaps, they offer the most perfect and romantic relationships, romance that sweeps you off your feet and yet somehow they always manage to screw it up royally, which is when soaps turn into torture. I was rooting for Simon and Katy for so long, can there be a cuter couple? But then he leaves her and she ends up with Mike and he comes back and she rejects him! I was shocked and horrified, it was awful. Sometimes I wonder why I torture myself like this by watching the show.

What makes As The World Turns so special is that it’s the longest running soap, it started in 1956 and it’s so funny to see flashback of the people who were there from the starts. But not only is it the oldest soap, it’s also incredibly innovative. Here, in the good old Netherlands, our soaps are just so horrible I’m not even putting clips on my blog of them out of shame, As The World Turns, however, knows its stuff. A couple of years ago they started using music to emphasize an emotional scene, this was quickly copied by other soaps, although not nearly as good. Also, As The World Turns often deals with tricky issues.

What I absolutely hate about soaps is that the cast continuously changes, that kids grow up too fast and that they sometimes even replace one actor with another (as if we wouldn’t notice). Luckily, As The World Turns has a large cast and they don’t change as much as some soaps do. Also, after watching it for a while you get used to the new ‘main characters’. For instance, the younger generation has received more attention lately and I don’t particularly like this trend in soaps toward storyline with younger actors and actresses, they often still have to learn a lot about acting. Yet the storylines surrounding Will, Maddie, Casey and Luke have been fascinating and wonderfully entertaining. I’m very glad As The World Turns has kept me entertained all these years.

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