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Xena is one of the most awesome shows ever created for TV. Lucy Lawless portrays Xena perfectly and with an incredible amount of dedication, not to mention the performance of her second half Renee O’Connor who plays Gabrielle. The six seasons form a spiritual journey where Xena tries to make amends for her vicious past. Over the recent years I’ve become a total Xena fan and I’ll try to give the show the attention it deserves in this article.

Xena was a warlord who plundered the land with her army in service of Ares for many years. Only after meeting Hercules did she change her ways. At that point in her life she met Gabrielle, her soulmate, who travels with her and they both start a spiritual journey. While Xena is fighting demons of her past, Gabriella has to face her own demons. Throughout the show there are several themes, one of them is the way of the warrior. Xena doubts many times if what she’s doing is correct and if it’s the way she should live her life. Eventually Gabrielle chooses a path of passivism, while remaining on Xena’s side. However, Gabrielle has to give up her path in order to save Xena’s life. Eventually Xena sacrifices herself to save thousands of souls that otherwise’d have been damned, thereby ending her life and leaving Gabrielle behind.



Although the show can be incredibly emotional, it’s also very funny and sexy. They use a lot of slapstick humour and many parody episodes. Nevertheless the show deals with serious issues like death, love, war, religious prosecution and parenting. While Xena and Gabrielle are the stars of the show, they are supported by a wide range of wonderful actors and actresses. The relationships between them form really the basics of Xena: The Warrior Princess.


Xena and Gabrielle share a very complex relationship and are sometimes considered to be a lesbian couple, which is not so strange, since Xena and Gabrielle often refer to having some sexual experiments in their dialogues. Experiments aside, they are not lovers, but soulmates who are deeply connected. They also face many challenges. For instance Gabrielle’s daughter, Hope, kills Xena’s son, Solan and this leads to a revival of Xena’s dark side, who almost ends up killing Gabrielle. The two overcome their own issues and support each other unconditionally.


Although Xena is my favourite character, second place go to Ares, the god of war and one of Xena’s archenemies. They have a raw animal attraction for each other and often make out, yet Xena never gives him what he wants. In the first few seasons Ares is portrayed as a villain, yet in later seasons his true nature is discovered, there is more to him than is initially seen and he genuinely loves Xena. However, even when he becomes human he remains a selfish bastard. I find it sometimes difficult to understand the relationship between Ares and Xena, since she always manages to forgive him, but I think Xena can see into his heart, which is why she tolerates him. He has put her through so much misery though. There’s an incredible fan music video of Ares and Xena that you can view below. Ares is masterfully portrayed by Kevin Smith, who unfortunately died in 2002 from a fall.



Another archnemesis of Xena and Gabrielle is the beautiful Callisto. Xena has a difficult relationship with her, since Xena’s army has killed Callisto’s family, which resulted in Callisto going mad. Xena therefore initially feels responsible for Callisto’s crimes, yet Gabrielle, who has her own issues with Callisto since she killed Gaby’s hubby, convinces Xena to let go. Callisto is the most disturbed, idiotic and aggressive enemy and just a wonderfully entertaining character as soon in the video below. Hudson Leick, also a certified yoga teacher, is wonderfully cast for the role.


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Many times while I was watching the show Daan came over and asked if I was watching pornography. Even though the show does not have any truly explicit scenes in it, in almost every episode there are very sensual moments that are often filmed with music and lighting that resemble porn. The sex appeal of Xena combined with her power is just dripping from the screen and Gabrielle knows her stuff too as seen in the video below!


Although Xena has a large fan base in the lesbian community (and I can totally get their point just watch the video below and you’ll understand why), I don’t view Xena as a lesbian show or Gabrielle and Xena as a lesbian couple. Instead I view this as a highly feminists and empowering show for women. As Lucy and Renee comment in the audio commentary of the DVD’s there aren’t that many shows with this much female heroins. Except for Joxer and Ares there are no major roles for guys on the show. And I think we should have more shows like that!



I first watched this show when I was little and I started buying the DVD boxes a couple of years ago, I got hooked on it again. And it wasn’t so much for the wonderful dialogue or the spiritual content, but basically because I absolutely adore Lucy Lawless’s performance. She owns Xena and I can’t stress enough how absolutely brilliant she is in this. The combination of sex appeal, fight moves and macho yet deeply emotional character simply fascinates me and with every season Lucy manages to add layers to the character. I admire her for performing at that level while being pregnant and a few weeks after giving birth being back on set. I’ve seen other work of her as well (yes, I’ve become a bit of a fan) and Lucy is an amazing actress. There has been some talk about a Xena Movie and without Lucy I think it will fail miserably.


Some more Xena videos


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    • maisey5
    • May 8th, 2009

    I completely agree with you!
    I have been a fan of this show ever since I was a little girl and I have never even considered Xena and Gabrielle to be anything more than good friends. (I have always rooted for Xena and Ares…)
    I believe you are also correct about Ares, Kevin Smith is perfect for that role. I liked how they made Ares human because, though he IS self-obsessed, they show a different side of him that is awkward, and lovable, and very mortal and it makes his manipulating ways forgivable.
    Lucy Lawless is, I also agree, the only person who could play Xena. I do wish they would make a movie based on the show, but unfortunately I do not think it possible.
    Thanks for posting this blog! It is wonderful to read from another fan!

  1. Thanks Maisey! Love reading from another fan as well. :D

    Didn’t hear anything about a Xena movie lately, but you never know with these things. At least we’ve got a lovely series to watch back on!

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