The Perfect Vagina

I was absolutely horrified, shocked and utterly confused while watching the documentary The Perfect Vagina presented by Lisa Rogers. The film follows Lisa around while she investigates the phenomena of women who have plastic surgery on their vaginas. I was left feeling sad and wondering what is wrong with the world today.

Lisa seemed just as confused as me in the movie, she doesn’t understand why people would want to have vaginal surgery and I don’t think she comes any closer to understanding why. For instance, she follows a teenager that has surgery on her vagina because friends make fun of her. The thing that I was wondering about was why she would be showing all those people her vagina or why she would tell them about her own issues with her vagina? Your vagina is private, it’s yours and no one else’s. That women are self-conscious about their breasts or butt, I can understand, but being this self-conscious about your vagina? It just doesn’t register with me. The girl had the surgery, she was extremely painful afterwards and felt loads better about herself.

I’ve always been comfortable with my own body, I love, adore and embrace it! And I’ve noticed that I keep getting more comfortable in my own skin over the years. I eat what I want, when I want it and I simply don’t care what other people think of me. I do want to be healthy. I’m a vegetarian, I do yoga, horse riding, hiking and swimming, yet I’ve never wanted to lose weight, be skinny or HAVE VAGINAL SURGERY! I love my round tummy, my big butt and my crazy no-depth-perception-eyes. All my imperfections make me unique, they make me me and that creates that special body I call home. Lisa refers many times to the fact that girls should learn to embrace their body, to consider their imperfections as beauty marks, instead of areas they need to fix, although she wasn’t able to convince the girl to not go through with the surgery.

Lisa did manage to boost one woman’s confidence in her own vagina by taking her to Jamie McCartney who creates vagina sculptures. This showed her that she wasn’t that abnormal and that her body image of her vagina was all wrong. Then there was a class by holistic sexual educator Rachel Foux who taught women to learn to love their vagina by holding a mirror in front of it and talking about it. I quite liked her concept, yet it was a bit strange having women in groups talking and looking at their vaginas.

In the video below you can get an overview of some main elements of the film. You can view Lisa getting a Brazilian wax, creating a plaster cast of her vagina, getting an inspection by a gynaecologist and a fragment of the course by Rachel Foux and, of course, lots of talk about vaginas (no explicit images are shown):

I understand that some people need the surgery. They showed pictures of terribly mutated vaginas that were enormous and were obviously very uncomfortable. I don’t get that people who have slightly larger lips, uneven lips or any other minor imperfection would risk surgery for something that is clearly between their ears, as we call something like this back home. Surgery can go horribly wrong, there is always a risk attached to it and you could damage your private parts permanently. Why would someone in the right mind risk something like that? No one should.

Lisa talked with several people about this issue, including a painter, who made the most horrible remark. He said he didn’t like women with a big vagina and he would reject someone on how their vagina looks. Which just made me wanna kick his ass. I have trouble understanding why people reject other people on their looks, since I find everybody beautiful in their own way, let alone understanding how you can reject a woman because of her vagina!

Still, the most upsetting thing about this whole documentary is the fact that a vagina is private, it’s for you and you alone. It’s for enjoyment with yourself or with your partner. And it’s meant for the beautiful process of birth. It’s a beautiful and precious part of our body, we should be proud of it and we should not try to change it because of someone else’s views. We should learn to accept each other for who we are, instead of rejecting and judging ourselves on these kinds of superficial ground. I almost view this as a psychotic phenomena of modern society, where we strive for perfection even if it costs us our health, spiritually and physically. It is very very sad.

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    • John
    • October 12th, 2008

    Interesting read!

    I suppose you could draw a connection between this and a patriarchal society structure. For a long time society held a view that a woman’s worth was directly dependent on her ability to attract a man. A woman’s “place” was in the kitchen or bearing children. To a certain extent thats still a view that is widely held I think. It’s sad but I think a lot of women gauge their worth by the man they can attract, just as a lot of me try to define their worth by the cost of their car or size of their penis.

    In the end I think its more about humans and our primal insecurities within the social structure that are the root cause of issues such as this. We all try to provide the social structure with vital skills or abilities to insure our place with in it, as our survival and well being are directly tied to the group.
    It’s just sad that some people feel so insecure that they need cosmetic surgery to perceive themselves as worthwhile.

  1. Hey Johnny! Although I don’t agree fully with you, I agree that it comes down to our own personal insecurities and the consequences are extremely sad. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Heart of the Flower is an unflinching exploration of the beautiful diversity of women’s genitals, free of judgement, shame and embarrassment. Forty-two everyday women have posed for up-close and personal photographs that show their genitals from many different and rarely seen angles. Each woman writes candidly with wit, wisdom, passion, even despair, about her relationship with her vulva.

    The book brings into light the ins and outs of the female sexual anatomy, and demystifies and challenges the way society views women’s genitals. Heart of the Flower is designed to normalise and celebrate diversity at a time when labial reconstructions have reached an all-time high and women’s body image is at an all-time low.

    Andrew Barnes and Yvonne Lumsden

    • Greg
    • February 25th, 2009

    Hello, I really enjoyed this post!

    • Michael
    • March 11th, 2009

    “Lisa talked with several people about this issue, including a painter, who made the most horrible remark. He said he didn’t like women with a big vagina and he would reject someone on how their vagina looks. Which just made me wanna kick his ass. I have trouble understanding why people reject other people on their looks, since I find everybody beautiful in their own way, let alone understanding how you can reject a woman because of her vagina!”

    Come on. Now you’re just being a hypocrite. Are you seriously telling me and everyone else that you wouldn’t reject a man because of his penis size, shape or look?

    Women have been making men feel inadequate because of their penis for ages, and now they’re complaining when men start having preferences regarding women’s bodies.

    I saw the documentary and it was quite good, even though I bet Lisa Rogers is hypocrite too.

  3. I seriously mean what I’ve written here. I wouldn’t reject a man because of his penis size or shape nor would I understand why anyone else would. People can get through these issues with communication and creative solutions. It doesn’t have to be a reason to reject anyone.

    Doesn’t mean I deny that this does exist, I find it a serious problem that we’re all way too superficial and focussed on the exterior.

    • Bubbles
    • March 19th, 2009

    I thought the documentary was great.
    I for one know exactly how it feels to be insecure about my vagina, and I have been from a very young age.
    Comments from guys can be pretty hurtful and it knocks confidence like you wouldn’t believe.
    And can I just point out how uncomfortable it is to have a slightly large vagina?
    I am considering surgery in the future, and I think the show was good as it actually explained how the surgery works and the risks involved, which I otherwise might not have found out until I got there.

  4. I can understand your insecurities, I can’t understand that people would be so cruel as to treat you like that. They don’t deserve you then for sure.

    Yet also, it’s just that: your own insecurities. In the documentary Lisa also showed some therapies that work on improving your self-worth. Maybe you should do some soulsearching as well? Have you tried to accept yourself as you? If so, maybe you wouldn’t feel insecure anymore about superficialities.

    However, I can also understand that it can be very uncomfortable to have a bigger than normal vagina. I imagine it limits your movement, it annoys you and it can be painful. So I hope you make a decision that’s best for you! Good luck.

    • Ceandaronse
    • April 3rd, 2009

    i love this site :)

    • belle
    • May 16th, 2009

    Total ignorance!! If someone is miserably uncomfortable 24 hours a day, they should beable to go to the doctor and get the problem fixed without some jerk telling they are not menatlly healthy and they should learn to love there vagina!!!!!!!!!!…
    Love a body part that is constantly getting pinched and pulled on and torn and rubbs itself raw on your underware?!?! THATS A JOKE!!!!!
    IF your knee hurts you would say “i have a bad knee” and you would go get the pain taken care of..
    Or if the old men in sun city constantly look down at your crotch and give you a filthy evil look because your vagina is so bulgy that they think you are a transvestite!!!
    Wearing panties or a bikini in front of someone thats never seen it naked is humiliating cuz they automatically assume you’ve got balls!!

    Why dont people mind there own business.. Because trust me no female is sooo stupid as to let someone chop at there vagina with lasers and scalpels just to look cuter… yeah right!!!!!!!
    I dont judge people based on appearances but honestly long hanging labias have the appearance of someone who’s no longer youthful.. If someone told me that they would prefer long discolored meaty chunky skin hanging off there partners gegetalia I would call them a LIAR!!!!!! women are meant to be SMALL, smooth and soft not meaty, chunky, dangly.. Do a poll!! ask men in the age range of 25-55 what type of vagina looks the most tasteful.

    My main point of this is that people need to STOP questioning someones -SANITY- just cuz they want a “BETTER” vagina.. Trust me you will mentally mess someone up even more by telling them they should LOVE thier affliction.. So please stop all this controversy over this topic please its very touchy sensitive subject, and like i said you will only make someones mental scars even deeper by trying to manipulate them into thinking they’re nuts… Just because theyre pain is in a ‘female sexual’ organ… Because we all know that women have such unhealthy perceptions of themselves right?? WRONG!!! Most women now days are fricking narcisistic we dont need yesterdays generation telling us that were SPECIAL… Todays generation (of females) KNOWS we are special!!!!!!!! So knock it off with the self esteem programs its making narcistic monsters and ‘sluts’ out of our youth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -GET IT NOW?????-

    • kate
    • May 24th, 2009

    though you lack articulation, you put across and very interesting- and blunt- point (the comment above).
    let’s be honest, no, it’s not right that we have to change ourselves to feel better, but that goes for vaginal surgery as much as it goes for any surgery; you can want your vagina to look better just like you want your… nose to look better, for example. men DO prefer us to be more sightly, it’s just unfortunate.
    most, however, from what i can tell, really won’t notice.

  5. I do agree that this is a grey area. If you’re having physical problems and have a huge lump of flesh hanging between your legs I won’t even raise my eyebrows if you tell me you’d want surgery.

    However, some women are doing this just to make their vagina more beautiful, which is ridiculous. That’s taking plastic surgery too far. Cosmetic surgery on vaginas is just not right in my opinion.

    And I agree with you, Kate. :)
    I’m someone who believes in fixing the inside, not the outside. And my appearance is getting less and less important to me as I age (and I’m only 23). Yet maybe this is also due to me being in a steady, loving and nurturing relationship for almost 10 years now.

    Being loved unconditionally would really fix a lot of problems for everyone in this superficial world! :)

    • Cherie
    • June 12th, 2009

    This was such an inspiring article and interesting read! Your relationship is truly wonderful and I hope you’ll keep on feeling that comfortable with your body as you reach my age…

    • Lorel
    • June 13th, 2009

    pity lisa rogers wasnt better informed – vulvas vulvas vulvas everywhere – and not a vagina in sight –

    • James
    • June 13th, 2009

    While i enjoyed the documentary very much and support anything that makes people feel better about themselves, I feel Lisa missed the crux question when she was spending time with Rosie (the young lady who had some of her labia removed, i hope i remembered the right name) and her sister. Why did her sister, a fellow female, feel she had the right to inform a group of men of her sisters personal insecurity regarding her vagina and THEN proceed to make fun of her in a public forum on many occasions? To me is the obvious question, why would her own sister publicly do that?

    And I think what much of the documentary seemed to say (women want to change their vagina to be more appealing to men) is also forgetting that the number of men getting penile enhancement surgery is also markedly up. This is because men feel that women wont want to be with them if they aren’t “porn star perfect.” As the maker of the “my penis and everyone elses” documentary ( saw, women can be amazingly cruel, as cruel if not worse, than men. One woman said “oh i couldn’t think of anything other than his tiny dick, it was horrible, so i dumped him,” and that was to a man with a normal, repeat NORMAL penis.
    Being a ignorant pig isn’t limited to one sex, people seem to forget this. My last girlfriend made numerous derogatory comments about my genitals (while we were still together mind you) because it was “funny” to her, however i’m sure if i’d done the same to her, i’d be labeled a cruel bastard. Men can expect too much and have “photoshopped” expectations, but women are just as guilty.

  6. @ James: Oeh! Another documentary on the subject, but this time targeted at guys, excellent. If I can view it somewhere I will!

    I agree that women can be incredibly cruel (often way more cruel than men, but we’re a lot better at hiding our cruelty), but most of their cruelty comes from their own insecurities, like it is with most people.

    I find it such a shame that women and men are treated so differently, although I do realise we are very very different. I feel like we should all be allowed to behave in a similar fashion without being discriminated for it. Though I also would like for people to just show some more respect towards each other, that way nobody would be an ignorant pig! :D

    • R.K.Tiwari
    • June 14th, 2009

    I dont understand why the women with big vagina are fealing so insecure. In fact i prefer big vagina than the smaller or medium one. I really love it.

    • R K Donathan
    • July 7th, 2009

    Found your blog when searching for information about this documentary :)
    You said:
    “…let alone understanding how you can reject a woman because of her vagina! …”
    I didn’t see the documentary, but I saw it advertised. Part of me feels sorry for the girls who felt their ‘value’ as a human was based on their vagina.

    But as other people have commented, women reject guys all the time purely based on their penis size. Some of my female friends (I’m a guy) say a guys cock can make or break a relationship, so this thinking among women is more common than you realise.

    Yes I think it is horrible that the painter said he’d reject a woman if she had ugly parts, but part of me feels a bit that if women can dish it out, they should be able to take it, that women now know what it is like to be on the receiving end.

    And unfortunately, the world has now given women yet -another- thing to be insecure about :(

    • Amanda
    • July 7th, 2009

    I had vaginal surgery because my lips were SO long it created severe infections for me and sex became uncomfortable. During sex, my vaginal lips were slid up into my vagina and came out so raw I could hardly walk. This became a problem for me and my husband.

    So before you bash everyone for having vaginal plastic surgery, like I did, think about the women who actually needed to get it done for proper medical reasons. We aren’t all vain.

    • Karl Greenfield
    • July 12th, 2009

    This programme has just aired in New Zealand – so I have now seen it once in UK and once here.

    There is no need for any ladies to feel insecure about the appearance of their vagina – I have certainly never seen one that surprised me.

    I could not pick my wife of 15 years’ vagina out in an identity parade and I can assure you that that is true of the majority of all men – if not ALL men.

    It is true that men will ridicule ladies about their physical attributes, and with little understanding of the harmful affects of their words and often with no requirement of having seen whatever “article” they are criticising – please, ladies, do not act upon such criticisms – it is just something ignorant and immature men do – and have done for time immemorial.

    The painter bloke on the TV programme is a typical example and I am sure spoke out of bravado and inexperience – no bloke I have ever known has told me about an encounter with a vagina that repelled them.

    For god’s sake leave yourselves alone!.

    I hope that this information helps someone.

    Karl xxxxxxxxxxx

    • pete
    • July 20th, 2009


    look at the number of internet ads for penis enhancements
    it seems to me that men are much more insecure about this than women

    anyone who thinks that looks dont matter for either sex has never been to a high school social occasion

    we are supposed to get over this as we get older but most of us struggle with it all thru life

    physical attraction is an emotion
    and emotionally for most people its just like food

    how hard is it to eating something that dosent look appetising?
    the mature person knows that oysters look bad but taste great (no pun intended-really)

    pretty girls are great to show off to your mates
    but are more often worse to live with and worse in bed than plain girls

    the same goes for handsome fellas
    it was coco chanel who said “hell hath no vanity like that of a handsome man”

    but most of us are attracted to what gives us a pleasant emotional rush to look at………..

    its immature
    but if we want to be trully happy we have to get over it!
    explains why lots of us are so unhappy

    girls with big labia minora -i love em
    aesthetically they are much more appealing
    have a look at


    • Alex Sachter
    • September 17th, 2009

    Hey! you talk about accepting people and giving them a place in society disregarding their differences.”Which just made me wanna kick his ass” Judith commenting on the scene with the painter from the documentary The Perfect Vagina.
    WOW really judith? Is this what you call treating everyone alike? You wanna kick his arse cause he doesn’t agree with you?


  7. “Dr.Insight”: I’m full of contradictions, but I also respond very fiercly to things I find ignorant or mean. I don’t let them slide and I don’t tolerate them. I wasn’t upset cause the guy disagreed with me, I was upset because he was being insensitive. I hope you can see the difference.

    Pete: Although your site is a bit pornographic, it’s nice to see that different sizes are accepted and even preferred!

    Karl: you’re sweet! Thanks for the lovely inspring comment.

    Amanda: I think I emphasized many times that I totally understand women who do vaginal surgery because they are in pain! I hope you now feel better!

    R K Donathan: I agree with you! I love it when people treat me the same way as I treat them, it’s very liberating. If a woman is so incredibly ignorant that she rejects a guy base don his penis size, they shouldn’t be upset if they are judged on their looks themselves. Nonetheless these women and men will deal with loads of issues of insecurity and those frustrations will probably affect their lives, which is just sad.

    • pete
    • September 20th, 2009

    the point of my post was not the link that i posted
    that was just an afterthought!

    my central point is that we are all affected by the looks of others
    the old saying goes that
    “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”
    does not pay enough creedence to research that shows that there is a remarkable level of consensus as to what we find attrative from an appearance perspective
    getting the most beautiful guy or girl however is not a very reliable recipe for happiness !
    but most of us still have to fight the pleasant feelings we get when we look at an attractive person and the unpleasant feelings we get when we look at an unattractive person!

    its kind of saying that …our instincts lead us in the wrong (and illogical ) direction if happiness is what we are seeking

    (PS i have had some experience in this …being a father to 3 children and a grandfather to 2 and married to the same lady for more than 30 years)

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