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Verdict: 8

World of Warcraft is one of the most fun, most horrible, most frustrating, most boring, most addictive and most interesting games I’ve played so far. It is very beautiful, as I’ve always said: it’s shiny! And I really love shiny environments. The gameworld is very large, constantly developing and varied. Yet the game becomes boring, repetitive and even frustrating at some points and it’s the social environment that keeps you into it. And it is a definite recommendation for first time gamers!

I started playing on the server the Sha’tar, a roleplaying server, as a female gnome named Jalpa and I immediately met Myth, who became a good friend of mine, who asked me to join a guild called the Northern Alliance. I did so and met some amazing people, who I still remember now: Fost, Kyrana, Yaró, Valarian, Renew, Tiviel, Keyoke, Hawke and many others. Eventually I decided to move to a different server together with some in-game friends and we started new guild on Nagrand and Nordrassil. We met some new people, like Ipitythefool from the Northern Stars, but eventually I decided the game wasn’t challenging me anymore and I quite. I had 3 level 70’s at that point (which was somewhere in February 2008, two of which were my main), including a mage, priest and druid. And I had countless alts (alternative characters).



As I’ve said, the game keeps you going because of its social dimension. You meet people and become emotionally attached to them. It is fun to log into the world and see lots of people that are positive, say hi to you and want to know how you are doing. And I do have friends in real life as well, this is just an extra social world that I was also part of. This social dimension also meant that there was lots of drama. At one point an ex-guild member was so mad at me for kicking her and her husband out of the guild that she wrote on a forum she hoped I’d never have kids. That really hurt my feelings and I was very sad and confused. When the social dimension became to straining, especially when running a guild, it’s not worth it for me anymore. I always wanted to play WoW for relaxation and I didn’t want to take care of other people’s problems while playing, which turned out to be one of my tasks a lot of the time. This was part of the reasons why I quitted.

Enough of that! Let’s get down to business. WoW offers you a huge world that you can level up in. You start out by making your character, you can chose between alliance or horde and after that you can chose your race and class. You start at level 1 and can level up to 70, which you do by gaining experience. This is done by killing mobs or by completing quests. You can form guilds, which are social groups that have a hierarchical structure, with the GM (guildmaster) leading it. The areas in the world are divided up in levels, some zones are from level 0-5 and other for levels 30-40 and so on. There are also loads of dungeons that you can do with a party (a group of 5 or more), these get more challenging as you reach higher levels.

Map of Azeroth

Map of Azeroth

Blizzard has designed the game so that players keep playing. At level 30, when most people quit, they’ve given you a goal to work towards, because at level 40 you get your mount, which makes moving around the world faster. End-game content is another way to keep their players playing. You can gear up so that you can do raids with large groups of people (10-25-40). The most recent expansion was The Burning Crusade, which offered new end-game content and raised the level from 60 to 70.

This game is wonderful for people who normally don’t play games! It is extremely easy to get into, yet it also provides with loads of challenging gameplay and you can really play the game on different difficulty levels. A major problem with the gamedesign is grinding, the endless killing of mobs for goods that will then offer better equipement. This is horribly repetitive and at level 70 this is what you tend to spend most of your time on. Below you can view the video of the Ballad of the n00b, there are many other machinima videos made from World of Warcraft which are absolutely hilarious:

My favourite activities in WoW, next to chatting endlessly, I was an online social butterfly, was exploring the world. For instance, at one point we discovered an area next to Northshire which was very difficult to reach and had lovely waterfalls everywhere. The extremely beautiful area in Nagrand, especially the sky there, just fascinated me endlessly. Also I loved doing dungeons, especially on heroic mode. One night I did an entire run of heroic Shattered Halls with 4 complete strangers, without a decent tank (we had a rogue tanking a boss at one point), yeah I know, call me a n00b, but those are the moments that are the most fun and give you the kick that you’re looking for. Below you can view a video of Shattered Halls boss fights, so you’ll have an idea of what the gameplay is like.

In conclusion: World of Warcraft is a wonderful game with loads of content that can be explored in many different ways and it keeps you playing! And who knows? Maybe with the upcoming expansion of the Lich King, I’ll play again!

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