Lots of ideas, but no time to write!

I’m currently extremely busy. I’m moving to this wonderful new apartment with Daan & Piko. I’ve found a great job that I’m applying for and I’m also writing my dissertation & graduating. I’m really enjoying my busy life!

My master course, Digital Games: Theory and Design, is organising a post graduate conference. It’s a really interesting line-up: Peter Molyneux, Barry Atkins, Richard Bartle and not to mention my own teachers: Tanya Krzywinska, Douglas Brown & Justin Parsler. I can’t make it unfortunately, but I hope it’ll be a huge success! Check out their site HERE.

Everyday I have an urge to write a post about something I’ve seen or did, but I simply can’t find the time to do it. So after this busy period is over, I’ll write about all the things that I haven’t gotten around to doing: World of Warcraft, The Perfect Vagina, Xena, As The World Turns, Yoga, Disney Classics.

World of Warcraft

I played WoW for over a year and even got into some hardcore guilds. It’s such an interesting game with lots of challenges and an incredible design, but apart from all the positive things, it also has some negative sides to it, which I will discuss in an article.

The Perfect Vagina

When I was in the UK I saw this documentary called The Perfect Vagina. I made my (male) friend watch it with me, sorry for that! But it was just shocking to think that some women could do that to themselves. I knew already that it was happening, but this documentary just slapped it in my face. Women are going crazy! They are losing confidence and losing their self-worth, I found it absolutely depressing that women feel this way about their vagina, something that is completely theirs and has nothing to do with what other people think about it. I’ll write an extensive article on this subject!


I’m fascinated by Xena. I watched the show when I was just a kid, but I’ve been buying the DVD-boxes and watching all the episodes over and over again during the past 2/3 years. It’s such a wonderful example of a female heroine that goes through absolutely anything you can think of. I want to do an extensive analysis of the show and explain what’s so great about it.

As The World Turns

I’ve been watching As the World Turns on and off for about 15 years. Yes, I was already watching soaps when I was 8 years old! I understood English very well, I’m a bright little girl and I still love it. I don’t know exactly what it is that is so fascinating about it, but I’ve noticed that it tries to innovate the soap-genre and also tries to put some topics that aren’t being talked about enough by the American people, in their show, which I think is very noble and a wonderful thing to do.

More on Yoga

I’ve started Kundalini Yoga, on which I did an artcle that you can read HERE, in April and it has just completely transformed my life, my body and my attitude. I want to share more about yoga in general, breathing techniques and how to start practicing yoga. Just yesterday I went to a class with my Mom and now she’s hooked as well. This only shows that yoga can offer something to everyone!

Lots more on Aladdin and other Disney Classics!

I will continue my analysis of Aladdin and write some more on the different characters and the music. After that I’ll go on to other Disney Classics like The Little Mermaid, Brother Bear, Beauty & the Beast and lots more.

So keep checking this space and soon there’ll be lots of new and fun things to read. Thanks for the 1000 hits!

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    ahoj xena ja som Carolina a ja som do Herculesa zalubena

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