Piko #2: The Rascal

Piko settled in really nicely and he immediately became very active and playful. At first he wasn’t the cuddly heap of love that he is now. He was just bursting with energy. Here you can see him at his favourite activity for that period: attacking my pointer on the screen! He’s still so little on these pics.

Even now (he’s almost 4 years old) he’s still causing mischief. For one, he always tries to push everything of our desks. He attacks us when we walk up and down the stairs. And he attacks our many cables (from our computers), which he obviously views as some kind of monsters. He’s quite the coward though, he used to get in fights a lot and get smacked around by the other cats. When we come out to play with him (don’t worry, he lives inside, he just is outside most of the day), he parades us around the neighbourhood and makes sure all the other cats quickly retreat to their homes.

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