Fairy Tales

Since forever I’ve been fascinated by fairy tales and given that I want to start on some small creative writing project, I have thought of this interesting idea. I want to start analysing all the fairy tales that I love, to break them down to their essential events and then put them together again but from different perspectives (for example: Aladdin from the perspective of the genie instead of that of Aladdin himself). I will also give my own twist to the fairy tales, but it’s more meant as a fun writing exercise. Once I’ve started this project, I’ll put some of them up on the site for you to read (I don’t know which language they’ll be in yet though).

I love reading old books with different versions of fairy tales, but I’m also a total Disney fanatic. I still love their movies and I know the Dutch version of Aladdin by heart. I mean, seriously, ask me to recite it and I’ll do it from the first word till the last. When I was little we had about 5 videos and since I’ve always been a total TV-junky, I watched them till I knew every word on it. Aladdin was one of them. We also had the Little Mermaid and The Lion King though.

I’d love to break down Disney’s version of these fairy tales and manipulate them into something that fits with my own style of writing. Although I’m also influenced by the different version I’ve read over the years. For instance, one version of Aladdin depicts an incredibly chauvinistic Aladdin, this would be a very interesting angle for a fairy tale.

What I like about Disney the most these days is their values, morals and their thematic approach, especially their classics series. Although in Finding Nemo the theme of father and son is nicely explored, yet their classic series has, in my opinion, a bit more depth to it. Consider brother bear, the journey that a young man has to take to learn valuable lessons in life. I still get all sobby in the end, since he makes such a sacrifice and yet he has learned to accept his faith and has found harmony in it. Something we all should learn. I’m looking forward to seeing Wall-E soon. I love Pixar’s work as well. Being a total cartoon-geek and all!

Anyway, keep checking this space and I’ll keep you updated bout my writing and everything I do.

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    • Jessika
    • December 13th, 2008

    My name is Jessika!

  1. /wave?

    • johnny
    • December 29th, 2008

    Thanks for good post

  2. Thanks!

    • Alannah
    • March 3rd, 2009

    this was not what i was looking for but if i was not looking for something specific it would be awsome.if you care for your website you need to update it.

  3. Thanks Alannah. I do keep my website updated, but I haven’t been able to write much lately (shame on me I know). Although I’ve gotten some new inspiration. If I do write some fairytale stories, I’ll post them asap! Deal?

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