Review Dr. Oz’s Green Drink

Verdict: 7,5

As a faithful watcher of Oprah, I always get motivated after a show. You know how it goes. She does a show about healthier living and what do I want to do? I want to start doing lots of walks, exercising and eating right. But it never really sticks, does it? Still, Oprah’s a source of inspiration for me and she really has opened my eyes to a lot of things in life.

Dr. Oz has been a regular guest on the show by now and though I don’t really like the guy (he’s a bit clinical), I really love his advice and explanations. So, being inspired by the show I eventually bought all the ingredients and made Dr. Oz’s Green Drink!

It has to grow on you, but boy did this drink surprise me! Daan told me I’d hate it and I’m a very picky eater (I don’t like a lot of vegetables), so I was terribly discouraged to even try it out. But I was persistent and made it for the first time last week and it was yummy in a weird vegetable-kind of way. I will tell you bout how I made the drink and what I thought of it, you can find the original recipe here.

My first attempt
spinach (frozen)
½ Cucumber
celery, lots of those leaves and a few of the stems
a bit of ginger root powder
a bit of parsley herbs
2 apples
juice of 1 lime
juice of ½ citron
1 banana

First I put the spinach in the microwave to defrost it and I cut up all the vegetables. I made two bowls: one with the soft ingredients and one with the hard ones. Then I blended the soft vegetables with the juice and after that I added the hard ingredients gradually. I did this, because I read somewhere that it was hard to make it into a smooth drink. But, with my super cheap blender that I bought at the Aldi for almost nothing, I made a very smooth and nice drink! It’s a bit of a thick drink, but I liked that and it had a very nice unique (but reasonably yummy) taste.

My second attempt
A few days after that I made it a second time. This time I used the following ingredients:

spinach (fresh this time, two big hands full)
fresh celery (only one stem and no leaves)
broccoli (half a head)
common beans (a big hand full)
fresh parsley (half a bush)
a bit of ginger root powder
2 apples
juice of 1 citron
juice of 1 orange

This time it was even nicer than before! I really started to get the hang of it. It tasted really fresh, like Oprah had said in her show. It was still thick (but fluid, it wasn’t like I had to chew on anything) and it’s great as a snack. I can’t drink this in the morning, I can only eat certain foods (bread mostly) in the morning.

Some tips for people who want to try this themselves:

1. Experiment
Don’t be afraid to change the original recipe. Everyone’s taste is different and you should definitely use the vegetables and fruits that you like.

2. Use fresh ingredients
The first time I used frozen spinach and parsley herbs instead of fresh parsley. It really makes a difference when you use fresh ingredients. I was still too scared to use a real ginger root, cause I know they have a unique taste and I think I wouldn’t have liked that much.

3. Don’t use the banana
Unless you’re a banana-fan or a monkey, don’t use banana! It totally covers up all the different tastes that this lovely drink offers. Bananas have a very dominating flavour. Try to use different fruits. Apples are great, the orange juice (fresh ofc) works great too.

I’m not drinking the Green Drink at the moment, but it has made me passionate about these vegetable drinks. I want to try out more of them and in the future I will try more of them! I don’t drink them in the morning, I drink them with my lunch. Since I don’t love the drink, but since it’s nice and drinkable, I give it a 7,5.

As a last suggestion, you can take a look at this video from Monica about how she made the drink!

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    • novaship
    • July 31st, 2008

    I have never watched Dr. Oz, but I read his book, “You, The Owner’s Manual” and he outlines everything from head to toe that I need to do to be healthier and younger. I especially like the workout program that consists of 20 minutes cardio and 10 minutes weight training on alternating days with 5 minutes of yoga a day. It is so consise. I am working on the Body for Life program right now and plan to use Dr. Oz’s program for maintenance once I loose enough weight.

    Keep up the good work.

  1. Wow, Marc, I admire your motivation. I can never really stick with anything, since I move from one thing to another. There’s always something new to discover and experience, you know? I do love Dr. Oz and his advice is very solid. I’ll try to keep up the good work and live healthy (body and soul), you try too! :)

    • Anonymous
    • August 9th, 2008

    Why didn’t you make the real recepie? If you are doing it for nutritional value why not do it right .. and make changes later for flavor .. like adding concentrated apple juice with the water ..

  2. I didn’t make the real recipe, because I read that it wouldn’t taste very nice at first. Although I didn’t make an entirely different recipe, it’s almost the same as the original. And making it your own, adjusting it to your own taste, is fun!

    • bill o reilly
    • December 16th, 2008

    Just Stopped by to say hi, Thanks

    • Dawson
    • December 17th, 2008

    I’m willing to spread the word about this. Congratulations on this amazing site.

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