Review: H.O.K. by nJoo

H.O.K. by *nJoo

Verdict: 8

I absolutely adore deviantART and I often just browse through it to see if there are any nice, cool new pics up. It’s really a place for inspiration for me, since the images are often very funny or extremely beautiful or touching. They all tell a story and that is what makes it so special for me!

So, every week or every few days I browse deviantart for a new wallpaper for my desktop, this week it’s H.O.K. by nJoo. I adore these small cartoonlike artpieces where there’s a little comical effect. This one I found also very pretty, cause of the little light effect that it has and the ‘rose peddle’-like leaves that are falling down from the spotlight. I love the fact that there is a huge cutsy monster that is being controlled by these kids only through carrots! That’s just amazingly funny. And it makes a cute picture too. I always want a wallpaper that will cheer me up or amaze me every time I see it and this one does that for me. So thanks nJoo for putting a smile on my face!

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