From now on I’ll try to post some of my writings here. I’ll start with this little piece that I wrote a long time ago. I wanted to write a story about the innocence of a child, but it came out very differently. It’s from my heart and I still believe in every word of it. I hope you enjoy it.

Every single human being is scarred by some trauma.

No exception.

It could be that you are a survivor of a genocide, that your body was violated, that someone broke your trust, that your parents got divorced, that you got bullied at school or the simple fact that you have always thought you aren’t loved by anyone.

But every human starts with a clean plate. Every infant is innocent.

That doesn’t mean that they aren’t sinful, sin isn’t a part of this story. I don’t believe in sin.

It means that they aren’t influenced by other humans. That no other human being has ever done something to mess up their mind or to demolish their spirit.

A child is a wonderful being, full of joy, hopes and dreams. Yet this can easily be taken from them at a young age. And then the child isn’t a child anymore.

From the moment human beings are conceived they already have a spirit. They have a will of their own, a fully developed character. And every single human being has the potential to achieve anything. We are all the same, all created equally and we all want to do good. It is human contact that traumatises us and breaks our trust, destroys our hopes and dreams.

We have the potential to change that, to break the cycle and don’t become one of the many negative, frustrated and distrusting persons out there. To stop harming anyone around us from this day forth.

Every single human being has the power to change their own mind, to open themselves up to another human being. To be honest for once. To say what they think. To do what they want to do. To achieve what they wished for most.

It all starts with a different attitude. Don’t lie to anyone. Be honest, tell the truth. However painful it may be, but be gentile. And be optimistic. There is still hope for us. We can still change the world. If enough people want the world to change, it will happen.

Start today: stay positive, be true to yourself and I’ll try too.

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