Girl or Gamer?

The past week I’ve had long discussions about gender and a lot of things really confuse me about this topic.

Gender WarFirst of all the whole gender issue assumes a theory of opposites. Males are on one side and females on the other. Males are the norm, female the abnormal. Being raised the way I was, my mother was the ‘man’ and ‘woman’ at home since my parents have been divorced since I was five and always having been very close to my brother, I find these theories or rather models of society extremely confusing and plain wrong.

I don’t think it’s that black and white. I think women can be masculine and men can be feminine and I also am a strong believer that with my generation the roles are a bit different and a bit more balanced than with previous generations.

Within games, I think it is very wrong to look at girls as girl gamers. Women should be looked at as gamers, we’re not different from men. Every gamer is different and has his/her own preferences, but there’s no stereotypical female gamer, just like there is not stereotypical male gamer. Every guy I’ve met likes different games and has a very specific opinion about which games he likes and why. Just like every girl does.

On the other hand, there are certain girls that like the girly games, the pink consoles etc… I think there should be a space for people who like that, although I find it offensive if this would only be restricted to girls (young or old). There are loads of boys who like pink, girly stuff and they should get a chance to play those games too.
Games act so untraditional in some ways and in other so incredibly traditional. Why doesn’t the industry make a statement by saying that games are for everyone? 

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